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Dental Care for Children: How to Do It

Every parent seeks to have their child grow healthy and happy. Thus, attention is given to every aspect of their lives. The teeth are one of those aspects that should be given attention. Children tend to eat whatever they want to eat, which puts their teeth at risk of developing tooth decay.

Oral hygiene is a component of a child’s well-being. It should be incorporated from infancy to ensure strong healthy teeth. As a child, having strong, healthy teeth can be a source of joy for both parent and child.

Cleaning the teeth

Normally, children start teething within the first six months, a period that can be strenuous and frustrating for a child. Parents should establish a regime that enables them to achieve good dental hygiene for their children. In Riverton, for example, one can visit a pediatric dentist for their child’s professional dental care.

At infancy, cleaning can be done by wiping the gum and mouth using a soft wet piece of cloth. This helps in removing food residue accumulation, which can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Introducing the baby toothbrush once the primary teeth come in helps in effective cleaning.

Regularly visiting a dentist helps in the removal of plaque buildup as well as food residue that may be stuck between the child’s teeth. It is also an opportunity to obtain professional advice on the right cleaning tools, procedures, and appropriate food for better growth.

Dental Filling

Considering how hyperactive children are, they might chip a tooth or two while they are out playing with friends. This can be devastating, especially for children whose primary teeth have been replaced with permanent secondary teeth. Fortunately, this can be fixed by undergoing dental filling to repair the damage done on one’s teeth. The chipping is first removed, and the tooth is cleaned before it is filled. It is then shaped to resemble the initial tooth and then hardened for durability. The material used is the color of teeth, making it unnoticeable. This eliminates the need to be self-conscious.

Tooth Extraction

child having his tooth extracted

As children progress in age, their primary teeth start to loosen, indicating that they are no longer suitable for that stage of childhood. These teeth are thus extracted to give way to the secondary teeth that are permanent.

Unfortunately, children may have their teeth removed for other reasons besides the law of nature. Severe oral infection may necessitate the removal of one’s teeth in the event that the damage is irreversible. Tooth decay causes pain, and it inhibits the functionality of a tooth. Thus extraction becomes the only solution. Some children may have small gums that require some of their teeth to be extracted to make room for the teeth that are yet to grow.

Dental hygiene is an important aspect of life. It helps eliminate the excruciating pain and complications that arise from oral decay and growth of bacteria. Regular dental visitation at every stage of childhood should be incorporated as they offer valuable advice on home-based dental care.

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