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How Much Should You Spend to Build a Sunroom?

The low-end price of a sunroom in Minneapolis costs around $14,000, but most homeowners in the city usually spend $60,000 on this project. Some projects such as can even cost more than $100,000 depending on factors such as demolition and excavation work.

If you’re interested in luxury garden rooms, these will cost differently, yet prices can be within the same range. Since a sunroom generally connects to your house, it will be challenging to build one by yourself. You should hire a contractor for this home extension. Quotes in Hennepin County might be similar among most companies, but you should still ask for rates from at least three different contractors to know the most reasonable price.

Things to Prepare for the Project

Homeowners in Minneapolis should first inquire with the local city council if they need a permit for a sunroom. You might have to secure one if there is a need to break down walls around the house. In case you want to fit the room with glass panels, you can do so without thinking about certain limits on the number of panels.

Once you take care of the technicalities, make an estimate of your expenses based on the standard room size. For instance, the average cost for a 200-square-foot, a four-season sunroom can reach more than $109,000.

What About Outdoor Garden Rooms?

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Sunrooms allow you to see your greenery outside the house 24/7 without having to stay outdoors, aside from its primary purpose of having more natural light in your home. By contrast, a garden room is typically a detached structure outside the house. Some projects can be as simple as building walls made of trees, shrubs, or bushes. On the other hand, luxury garden rooms can have a deck, roofing, and other fixtures that can make the space as an outdoor living room.

Can You Combine a Garden Room and Sunroom?

A sunroom conservatory serves as the best option for homeowners who want to create a garden room inside the house while letting in more sunlight at the same time. However, you should consider other alternatives like a standard bump-out addition if you plan to sell the house in the future.

Your home’s resale value won’t likely increase even with a sunroom conservatory, as it’s ordinarily uninhabitable. Otherwise, you might need to spend more than necessary to build one with living spaces. Bump-out additions are a notch lower than a full extension. The former usually involves an expansion of a modern room in the house. For a sunroom bump-out, it might be better to integrate it with the kitchen or dining room. Prefabricated sunroom kits are another alternative, but you’ll need to be familiar with building tools and room layouts.

Look for a family-owned company that’s been in the business for a long time. It’s best to hire the one that specializes in different types of sunrooms, conservatories and garden rooms among other home extensions. If you hire a general contractor, the total price can increase from around $7,200 to $9,000 due to additional fees.

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