Pest control in the office

Making the Office Free from Pests

A lot of us consider our offices as our second home. However, it’s also a workplace meant for sharing with others. Thus, it should be treated with the utmost respect, especially since employees usually work side-by-side. Furthermore, when receiving clients and entertaining applicants, it’s highly important to give off a good impression.

Needless to say, sharing a space with others is not exactly easy. But, in a company with pleasant work culture, it is mostly fun since co-workers are engaging and friendly. However, negative situations can occur when employees aren’t careful with how they act. Some common complaints are about smelly and untidy washrooms and pest-infested facilities.

Pests are the ones we will never welcome. Cockroaches, rodents, and flies are disgusting, disease-carrying creatures that bring harm to a healthy environment. They may affect the health of employees, leading to increased non-attendance and decreased productivity. We all do not want that to happen, do we?

Below, we will discuss some ways on how to make your office pest-free:

Keep the workspace clean

Proper pest control management begins with our own personal efforts — by keeping the office clean at all times. By imposing strict rules on proper waste management and regular cleaning, this can be achieved easily.

Be mindful of the eating areas

Pantries or eating areas are common in all office establishments, especially those who do not have a general cafeteria. It is important that these areas are kept well-maintained by having it cleaned and disinfected regularly to avoid harboring of pests. Additionally, your pantry should have a sink and refrigerator. With these, it will be easier to clean and store food leftovers.

Impose and apply a waste segregation system

Aside from regular cleaning and maintenance, your company should create, impose, and apply a system for waste segregation. You can do this by simply placing color-coded trash bins for recyclable, perishable, and non-perishable trash. This will encourage your employees to practice and perform proper hygiene and sanitation in the office.

Have your facilities checked and maintained

Spraying pesticide in the office

Pest infestation is not always obvious and will not show signs at first, especially in cases of termite and rodent infestation. These pests thrive in all locations of your office and sometimes, even the whole establishment itself. That is something we cannot avoid.

But, you can safeguard your own office area by having it checked by professionals regularly. However, for pests such as termites and rodents, it’s important to have them completely eliminated. Schedule an annual inspection of your Park City office and hire exterminators to handle the job for you.

Usually, price points can vary from state to state, but if your office is located somewhere in Salt Lake or Park City, Utah, an estimated cost per treatment can range between 65 USD and 90 USD depending on the area measurements.

Your office should be a safe haven that promotes productivity and employees’ well-being. If you think that there is an infestation, it’s best to ask for the services of a reputable industrial pest control provider or exterminators for efficient treatment.

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