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Puppy Training: 5 Important Commands to Teach Your Puppy

Puppies are cute, but you have to teach them tricks so they know how to move in and out of the house. Puppies can be very willing to obey commands, but you have to show them. They won’t learn these by themselves. Hiring a puppy training expert in Loxahatchee can also help your puppy learn the good tricks. Here are some of the tricks they can learn:


This command is helpful every time you want to call your puppy. As puppies get distracted easily, teach it in a quiet room. You can patiently call your puppy’s name or say the word “come.” Wait for your puppy to come to you and give a treat when this happens. Give lots of praises as well. To add, only call your puppy for positive activities like playtime. Don’t call them for punishment because they will avoid you.


Your puppy needs exercise so you need to train them for leash walking. Most puppies walk effortlessly with no pulling of the leash. Choose your magic word for walking like, “Let’s go for a walk!” Always use this word when training your puppy and even until your puppy grows.

Your puppy can be natural at this, but be prepared when it runs in the opposite direction. You can remedy this by calling your puppy and rewarding a treat for obeying your command. Do this every day so your puppy will be comfortable walking outside and seeing people.


You can choose between two ways to teach your puppy to sit. The first one, which is the capturing method, is done by waiting for your puppy to sit. Give your puppy a treat when it sits. Do this repeatedly and every time your puppy sits, say the word and give the treat.

The second method is the luring method. This is done by putting a treat in front of your puppy’s nose. It’s possible that your puppy will be attracted to the treat and will sit then lift its head as it tries to reach for the treat. Say “sit” when your puppy sits then give the treat. Your puppy will associate the sit command with the treat. After repetitions, your puppy will learn the “sit” trick.


This command teaches your puppy discipline because it will stay seated unless you say the “release word.” The first thing to do in this command is to familiarize your puppy with the “release word.” You can choose words like “free” or “go.”

Do repetitions for the “release word” and always give a treat after. This is easy to teach because puppies are generally active. The stay command is the hard part.

Your puppy should know the “sit” command before he can learn to “stay.” You can start with the “stay” command by letting your puppy sit. Once your puppy is sitting, face it then give a treat. Wait for a while then give another treat for remaining in that position. After that, you can let the puppy go. Increase the duration of the wait time. Be patient with them. You can increase the time as the training progresses.

Lay Down

Do this trick by waiting for your puppy to lie down, and give treats when they do so. Like the “stay” command, you need a release cue. Say the word “down” every time your puppy lies down, but say it before the puppy does it so it understands the command.

Another way is by bringing the treat to the floor slowly. Your puppy will follow the treat to the floor and will lie down. As your puppy is doing it, say the magic word.

Final Thoughts

Golden retriever puppy looking guilty from his punishment

Your puppy is eager to please you. You just have to teach it tricks and commands that you can use as it grows older. These commands will help you keep your puppy disciplined especially when there are visitors and kids around. Teach your puppy young so you wouldn’t have problems with mischief in the long run.


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