Beach Vacation: Avoid Trouble and Keep It Fun

Beach vacations are some of the best holidays you can ever enjoy. Not only is the beach a fun place for people who enjoy activities and excitement or a relaxing place for people who like to chill out, but it is also a place to reboot your mind for better health. You will get so much vitamin D and return home feeling refreshed. Although being on the beach can improve your health, you must use sunscreen to reduce the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. The fresh air and vitamin D are going to leave you feeling like a brand-new person, but extended sun exposure can cause long-term skin damage.

Many people even report sleeping better after a long fun-filled day at the beach. Something about being near the waves lowers the body’s stress levels and allows you to truly unplug from the world. As a matter of fact, you can already detach yourself from daily stressors as you plan a fishing getaway or a family cruise. While sand is fun and all, being out in the ocean feeling the salty air on your skin can leave you feeling both invigorated and reconnected to a calmer and happier version of yourself.

The best way to make sure that you get to enjoy all the fun and relaxation that the beach can offer is to head off any potential problems before they occur. Make a list and start planning early to be prepared for any problems that you and your children can encounter.

Mesh Bags for Carrying

Cute tote bags with fun motifs are attractive to look at but can bring half the beach back with you. Avoid trekking sand into your car and house by getting mesh bags to carry everything. These are lightweight but sturdy, and with just a few shakes, you can avoid taking the beach sand home with you.

Bug Spray and Patches

Unfortunately, just because you are at the beach does not mean the bugs will leave you alone. Head off any bug-related discomfort by taking bug spray with you. Bug repellent patches are also great for pasting on the kids’ clothes while they play in the sand.

Safe Valuables

Get a special cork case for your valuables so you can keep them all in an easily identifiable place. If the idea of making your valuables too identifiable is a problem for you, then seek ways to keep them in a nondescript container.

Add a cork to your key chain so that if you accidentally take it into the water, you can find it easily. A special watertight case for your phone is advisable for the same reasons. Sand can also be a problem for phones, and a watertight case can keep it safe from both water and sand.

Pack Lots of Snacks

People always underestimate how hungry the salty sea air can make you. Pack lots of snacks and sandwiches and store them in different sealed containers. These can keep the food fresh and cool. One big container means it will constantly keep getting opened so the heat and sand can get in and spoil the food before you have a chance to enjoy it.

You Will Need Thongs

Even if you don’t think you will need them, thongs will turn out to be a great help at the beach. They will keep your feet safe from scratches if you decide to explore tide pools. They will also keep your feet from burning on the sand while searching for shells or during the long walk to a canteen for snacks. Children also tend to think they love sand till it gets between their toes. At this point, they will beg to wear thongs to continue playing in the water.

Yoga Mats Are Better Than Towels

Yoga mats are waterproof and cushioned. Towels are soft and get damp easily. If you do not want to put a sandy, soaked mess of a towel into your car at the end of the day, you should definitely get a yoga mat. Yoga mats will dry quickly, be just as light to carry at the end of the day, and be brushed off to free them from sand.

Spray Sunscreen

Naturally, you should liberally cover your exposed skin and your children in sunscreen at regular intervals. But at some point, it will be easier to spray everyone down and ask them to run in the sunscreen by themselves. This is a convenient way to renew everyone’s sunscreen and do so without interrupting their fun for too long.


Being beach-vacation ready is essentially about anticipating all the complaints your children can have and making sure that you have a fix for every single one. If the children get a snack every time they feel hungry, they will mostly be fine. The beach is an endlessly fun place for children, and they can find plenty to keep them amused. In fact, no matter how long you spend at the beach, they will still not want to leave at the end of the day.

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