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Four Key Features That Every Home Kitchen Must Have

It is no secret that the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. This is more evident in the past year when families literally spent hours in the kitchen because they couldn’t go out. Whether you experimented with new dishes or labored over gourmet meals in the kitchen, you’ve realized that it must be the most beautiful and well-designed room in the house. Why didn’t you think about renovating and redesigning it before? Why didn’t you spend more money on that than the Persian rug that now sits on your living room floor?

If you are going to redesign your kitchen, you need to be ready to accept the fact that it might actually need some major repairs. For example, if you notice the cracks and gaps by the windowsill, then this is a sign that there could be structural damage on that side of the wall. Make sure to have a professional check for deeper cracks and call a cement repair company to patch things up.

Aside from this, you must also check the flooring and plumbing. Once you’re sure everything is in working order, then you can begin upgrading your kitchen’s main features. Here are the four must-haves in every home kitchen:

Statement Island

If you have the space for a statement island, then invest in one. It’s a great kitchen feature that does not get as much attention as it deserves. It should be at the top of your priority list. The kitchen island separates the work area from the dining area. At times, the island serves as the dining table for the family and guests. This is where you mingle. As you cook, you can have casual conversations with family and friends on that island.

A survey found out that American families only use the dining area once or twice a week. They eat their meals on that kitchen island, only using the dining area for Sunday family lunches or dinners. The island creates a separation between the kitchen, which is a workspace, and the dining room, which is for eating and relaxing.

Storage Spaces

You need to think about how you’re using the space. Kitchens used to have floor-to-ceiling cabinets, but the truth is that you can only reach the first two shelves. The rest just gather dust. Are you sure this is still what you need today? There are a lot of kitchen appliances, too, such as coffee makers, milk steam machines, choppers, etc. Where are you going to store all of these? Instead of display cases for plates and utensils, what you might actually need are deep drawers where you can store small kitchen appliances.

Another thing you have to consider is not getting a big refrigerator. The focus of consumers right now is on fresh and healthy ingredients. You don’t need a large refrigerator anymore since people want to go to the market every weekend to pick up fresh produce. The idea of having that large refrigerator might be a thing of the past.

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Preparation Areas

The kitchen should be divided into different work zones. Before you redesign the room, visualize it with different segments—one for preparation, one for cooking, one for serving, etc. There should also be an area for cleaning. This will be helpful in keeping the kitchen organized and clean. More workspace means faster prep and cleaning time. The more space you have in the kitchen, the less messy it’s going to be when you start whipping up your recipes.

Gathering Space

Yes, the kitchen is an important part of the home. But the truth is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. The people and the memories you make there are what truly make that space beautiful. Make sure there’s enough space there to mingle and gather. It’s nice to have someone to talk with while you’re chopping vegetables and meat. You won’t even notice the time pass by.

Remember that people just want to spend time together. They need space to do that. They won’t remember how your home looks like 50 years from now. What they’ll remember are all the moments you spent together. You really only need enough space to gather your friends and family.

These kitchen features will not only transform your kitchen aesthetically, but they will also make it functional. These are what you need to ensure that it has everything you need—a prep area, a cooking area, a dining area, and a cleaning area. Every once in a while, you might dream of more amazing features, the same ones you see in magazines. But you’ll always go back to the basics. These are the core features of what a kitchen must have.

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