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Preemptive Measures of People Living in Hurricane-prone Areas

People base their choice of residence on many factors. For frugal people, they look for places with a low cost of living. Outgoing people look for communities rich in activities. Practicality calls for places that have lucrative job opportunities. For a laid-back lifestyle, other people choose a spot where it feels like they are on vacation all year round.

But, what if the same places that hold these advantages also have a glaring disadvantage? Some places that have these positive criteria are also hurricane-prone areas. Florida and Texas top the list of the states that have so much to offer but are in hurricanes’ paths. Here are some ways on how people adapt their lifestyles in hurricane-prone areas.

Protecting Their House

Houses in hurricane-prone areas have special features that help to withstand such disasters. Precast concrete fences can provide security for families. They can be safe from hurricane-force winds. Aside from the durability of these fences, they can also add to the aesthetic side of a home.

You can also install hurricane shutters in your windows. Many designs are available in the market. Look for the most durable ones without sacrificing the style. Rolling shutters give you the option to use them for insulation and privacy purposes as well. Accordion shutters are not only good for windows but for sliding doors, too. Shutters protect you from strong winds or flying objects. They help limit the damage to your home should a hurricane strike.

Securing an Accommodation

As a preemptive measure, it is also an excellent practice to keep an eye on alternative shelters. If you know that your area will get a hard hit from the hurricane, it is best to leave before it comes. You only need to secure your property before you go away.

There are some available options for a temporary relocation. It may be the perfect time to visit some friends or relatives farther inland. Better yet, you can go to a low-rise inland hotel. You only have to make sure that the establishment is pet-friendly. This is in case you need to bring your furry friends along. Be sure to book early. Going too far, like in another region, is not advisable during these times as you would only be stuck on the roads.

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Taking Care of the Big and Small Things

There are some automatic measures for people living in hurricane-prone areas. Here are some of them:

  • Stock up on water and non-perishables. You would not want to go out in bad weather to replenish your supplies.
  • Get your battery-powered electronics ready. With hurricanes comes the possibility of a power outage. Having a radio is important during this time. Some flashlights are also handy. As a better alternative, you can have a generator at home.
  • Have a foolproof plan in case you need to evacuate. Make every family member involved and updated. Be very detailed with this plan so that every aspect can get executed even when you have to move fast. Delegate roles for each member, even if it is as simple as bringing the pet food or checking all windows.
  • Prepare your car. Have a full tank. Check the tires and change the oil.
  • Keep yourself informed. Always listen to the news and do not assume that the worst is over even if it seems quiet outside.
  • Have a disaster supply kit. Fill it with first-aid stuff, important documents, non-perishable food, chargers, and cash.
  • Make sure that all volatile household chemicals are out of your home. Examples of these chemicals are bleach, drain cleaners, or ammonia. There could be serious issues if they spill during a hurricane.

Making Time Productive

In case that you do not need to evacuate, the safest place during a hurricane is inside your home. You do not have to fidget all the time. Keeping yourself updated with the news is enough. What do you do, instead?

It may be a perfect time for quality bonding with your family or an excellent time for self-care. You can play cards, tell stories, or play board games. For your “me-time,” you can read books, journal, or catch on some sleep. This time should not evoke fear or trauma in you. You can still have fun and be productive. This is as long as you know that you have prepared all essentials beforehand.

Do you plan on relocating to a different place? Do your due diligence before making a final decision. See if the place is in the path of hurricanes. People living in hurricane-prone areas are always alert during hurricane season. But, it does not mean that they do not enjoy all the beautiful things that their communities have to offer. They live normal lives with a degree of caution. Also, they learn the value of resilience as they survive hurricanes that come.

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