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Change Your Washing Experience by Upgrading Your Laundry Room

Washing your clothes is a necessary task. If you are fortunate, you don’t have to take them to a laundromat to clean them and have your laundry room at home. It allows for easier cleaning and saves time. But the problem is that most houses have their laundry room as a cramped place with just the washing machine in it. You can do a lot better than that.   Here are some upgrades that should be achievable with what you have:

Move It Somewhere Else

When you’re thinking of upgrading your laundry room, it doesn’t mean that you have to keep it in the same place. If you already have a laundry room, it might not be in the optimal location. The best place for your laundry room is somewhere centrally located. In the past, a lot of homes placed their laundry room in the basement because it was away from everywhere else. But a central location is much more convenient for you and your family. Nowadays, it is more common to place it near the bedrooms so it is just a simple walk away.

Upgrade the Washing Machine

If your washing machine is old, then it is time to change it. The average service life of a washing machine is ten years, but it can change depending on maintenance and workload. A sure sign that a washing machine needs replacing is noise. A noisy washing machine means trouble so you may consider replacing it when that happens. Some models have trouble associated with them. Do some research on your particular washing machine to see if it is one of those that may need replacing.

Add A Few Appliances

While the washing machine is the core of the laundry room, upgrading the laundry room means adding more appliances to use in it. The main addition would be a dryer so that you can have a way to dry your clothes quickly. But not all homes can accommodate a dryer. It requires a dryer vent, which needs regular cleaning, and a clean exhaust point. If you can’t have a dryer, you might need to dry your clothes outside. Additional appliances for the laundry room are steamers, irons, and other clothing maintenance items. Evaluate what you can fit into the room so that you have more functionality with it.

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Create Some Space

The impression that a lot of laundry rooms have is that they are cramped. If you want to upgrade it, then you should seriously consider making it bigger. At the very least, you should create some space in the room. This can be done by doing more with vertical space. For example, if your washer and dryer allow for it, then you might consider stacking them on top of each other. Other space-saving changes like adding a fold-out ironing board or folding table.

Improve the Lighting

A brightly lit laundry room is a much better place to do your laundry than a dimly lit basement. Upgrading the lighting in the room makes it easier for you to stay in the room and clean things up. There are several potential lighting upgrades that you can get for the room. The simplest one would be to use some Edison bulbs. They are bright and should allow you to see everything. But just installing some basic lights is too simple. Get a bit fancy by adding directional lighting or an overhead fixture. It elevates your laundry room from a simple place to clean your clothes to something more.

Don’t Forget to Add a Few Extras

There are a few quality-of-life improvements that make the laundry experience much easier for you. For example, you can have an easier time of things if you have multiple hampers available. This allows for individual sorting so that you can have laundry loads for specific people or items of clothing.

Additionally, if you have a shelf, you can organize individual items on it. You can also install a motion sensor for the lights. This means you can go into the room and it will immediately light up. This lets you get to your laundry quickly. Think about what else you can add to make your laundry experience easier.

A better laundry room is a great improvement. While it may not get the spotlight like your house’s more public areas, laundry room upgrades improve the quality of life in your house. Laundry is less of a chore and you can save a lot of time on it. All it takes is a few changes and you don’t have to dread laundry day every week.

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