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Things to Remember Before Hiking in Singapore

Singapore is known for its shopping malls, the greenery in the city, and great-tasting street food. It’s also a place where multinational companies prefer to set up their headquarters to gain access to what Asia offers. Additionally, it’s also known for being one of the cleanest cities in the world.

But did you know that the Lion City is also home to parks and nature reserves that any eco-loving person would want to visit? You can go trekking through the lush greenery and become one with nature while in Singapore. But before you put on your trekking shoes and explore the stunning sights, you should take note of a couple of things to make your hike fun and enjoyable.

Make a Plan

The first thing to do is to plan. While trekking through Singapore’s parks and nature reserves might not be as challenging as climbing Mount Everest, you still have to plan properly. There are several places where you can hike in Singapore. Each one has its own sets of challenges. But if you’re an experienced hiker, it’ll be a walk in the park.

Your plan will depend on where you’ll go. Some of these trails can be completed within the day, while others allow you to camp overnight. So, your plan should consider the place where you’ll hike. You should also consider who’ll join you on your trek. Take into account their physical condition so you won’t have any problems in the middle of the trip.

It’s also important to read up on the rules and regulations of the park or nature reserve you’ll visit. While some of these places are open 24/7, others close at around 6:30 PM. Check the weather conditions as well. But this might not be much of an issue since Singapore enjoys sunny weather most of the time.

Choose a Suitable Attire

Suitable attire is also important. You wouldn’t want to go on a hike while wearing a dress or suit. Fashion should not be your priority when you go on a hike. Quick-drying clothing made of polyester or nylon would be great. The clothing should be comfortable and waterproof, if possible.

A good pair of hiking shoes is also in order. Hiking boots or trail runners allow you to get a good grip of the trail while hiking. When you encounter issues with your feet, you can also go through nail fungus treatment in Singapore to deal with any infection before you go out. Additionally, bringing a change of clothing can be necessary if you get sweaty at the hike’s end.

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Bring Water

Bringing a water bottle is also a good idea. If you’re not used to sunny weather, you need to hydrate yourself more often. Dehydration is something you shouldn’t dismiss. Even if you’re hiking for a few kilometers only, you should still make sure to bring water since you will likely sweat a lot when you go hiking.

Pack What You Need

When hiking, pack only the things you need. If the park doesn’t allow you to stay overnight, bringing a tent wouldn’t make sense. You can also bring a map, especially if the park is huge. But you’ll likely not get lost if you stay on the trails of the park or nature reserve. Sun protection is also essential due to the sunny weather in Singapore.

Trails to Hike in Singapore

You have several options if you’re planning to hike in Singapore. Pulau Ubin is one of these places. It’s an island located in the northeastern part of Singapore. The island was once home to a granite quarry and is currently the country’s last rural area. The National Parks Board of Singapore manages it. The island is a favorite destination for visitors who join summer camps and outdoor activities.

Another place to visit is the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Established in 1883, it’s among Singapore’s first forest reserve. The nature reserve is a favorite among the locals and is home to the country’s tallest natural hill. You can hike up the hill in less than an hour, and you can spot some monkeys and owls on your way to the top.

If you’re a bird-lover, then Coney Island Park is the place you should visit. It’s home to more than 80 species of birds, including the Baya Weavers and the Oriental magpie-robin. Its rich biodiversity makes it a favorite destination for nature enthusiasts. Just make sure to bring a lot of water since the park has no amenities to get some water.

Singapore might be a highly urbanized city, but the government has done a great job preserving its parks and nature reserves for its residents and tourists to enjoy.

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