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Pet Guide: 3 Things You Should Have Before You Get a Dog

One of life’s most wonderful experiences is having a dog. With this pet, you’ll get a workout buddy who’ll jog around the neighborhood with you. You’ll have a couch potato who’ll binge-watch Netflix shows with you. You’ll get a bed warmer who’ll also cuddle with you. And you’ll have a friend who’ll love you unconditionally for life. Sounds wonderful, right?

However, it’s not all roses when it comes to having a dog. A lot of things go into properly taking care of man’s best friend. So if you’re thinking of getting yourself one, make sure you have these three essentials first before you take the plunge.

Essential number 1: Money

First, you need to have money. A dog is a breathing and living thing that’ll need a lot of things to survive and have a good life. For one, your pooch must have a constant supply of food and treats. You’ll also be buying basic stuff like food and water bowls, a bed, a leash, and maybe a toy or two for your pet.

You’ll have to shell out some money for grooming services, especially if you get a long-coated dog, as well. Plus, you’ll have to get the services of a professional dog trainer if you can’t housebreak your pup on your own. And it goes without saying that there’ll be veterinary expenses for vaccines and treatments, which can be quite expensive.

Essential number 2: Space

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Second, you should have space. A dog needs space to roam and even call its own. Good for you if you have a big house with a big backyard. Any pup—big or small—will surely love living there. It can get a little complicated, though, if you live in a small apartment. Dogs have a lot of pent-up energy, so they’ll need space to move around, and they won’t be able to do this if they constantly bump into things around the house.

They must also have their very own space to sleep and rest. But the good thing is you can get a small dog to make this arrangement work. The Maltese, Shih Tzu, and pug are just three of the laid-back and apartment-friendly dog breeds that you should consider getting if you have a small home.

Essential number 3: Time

Third, you must have time. A dog is like a kid that’ll need a lot of love and attention, but it’s like one that actually never grows up. Your pet will be dependent on you for its entire life! And this will really take a lot of your time and effort. If you get a pooch, be ready to feed and then clean up after your pet regularly.

You also have to regularly groom (bathing, coat brushing, hair and nail trimming, ear cleaning, etc.) your pup yourself. You need to spend some quality time with your dog by taking it for regular walks, playing a game of fetch, or simply giving it belly rubs. And when it gets old and sick, caring for your pet will require even more of your time, so be prepared for this as well.

Man’s Best Friend Deserves Everything You’ve Got

Without a doubt, owning a dog is one of life’s most wonderful experiences. However, this also comes with a huge responsibility, so be sure you get one only when you can truly give it everything you’ve got—your money, space, and time. Your dog deserves nothing less from you because you’ll never find a more loyal, helpful, fun, and loving living being than man’s best friend. If you need more guidance, feel free to consult an expert.

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