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Three Things to Consider When Building a Deck

Backyards offer an escape from the confines of a house. It’s usually filled with various plants and trees. It provides privacy and tranquility that apartments or condos can’t match. But if you want to take it to the next level, a deck is your best bet. It boosts the property value, extends the living space, and improves the look. But before you build one of your own, you should know which things to avoid. Here are three factors that can make or break a deck:

1. Pests

Thanks to efficient exterminators, there’s a quick and easy to get rid of bugs. But if you ignore the issue, it will only get worse. They might borrow their way under the deck and build nests. Eventually, they’ll get inside your home. It’s a serious matter because insects aren’t only a nuisance; they can spread diseases, too. Instead of being a nice spot where you can have breakfast, your deck would have become a hot spot for parasites.

You can avoid the problem by using chemically treated wood which is designed to repel pests. You can also use wood alternatives like composite decking or polymer.

Once your deck is done, you can ensure it stays bug-free by cleaning it regularly. Leftover food can attract pests.

2. Weather

It’s hard to enjoy the outdoors when there’s heavy rain or snow. While you can’t control the weather, you can do preventive measures so it won’t damage your deck. You can build a roof so you can have protection throughout all the seasons. It provides shade during the summer months, and you can limit the snow or rain for the rest of the year. If your area tends to experience inclement weather for much of the year, consider enclosing your deck. This way, you can get the best of both worlds. You have protection against the rain and snow, but you can still get fresh air just by opening the windows.

3. The View

Deck with pool

A house with a view is not only pricey, but also pretty rare. Chances are your backyard is bordered by fences, and you can only see the neighbor’s house. While it’s not exactly what you want to see when you’re spending time at the deck, there are plenty of ways to improve it. You can get trees which provide both privacy and shade. You can also plant flowers to add some color to your yard. If it’s your first time to garden, it’s best to start with easy ones to get the hang of it. You can also solve two problems in one by getting plants that repel pests.

Besides plants, you can also add other elements like a stone path or a water feature. If you live in a notoriously cold area, you could add a fire pit. A centerpiece is especially useful if you like to throw parties or gatherings.

Make the most out of your backyard with a great deck. Whether you plan to sell the house in the future or live in it for a long-term, it provides several benefits.

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