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6 Tips to Get the Best Performance from Your Diesel Engine

Cars with diesel-powered engines became more popular across the U.S. this past decade. It started to pick-up in sales in 2012 and before the decade ended, Americans continued to choose diesel cars, trucks, and SUVs showing how confident they are in diesel technology.

The tech has grown by leaps and bounds which made diesel vehicles at home in showrooms, side by side with gasoline, electric, and other hybrid vehicles.

The increase in numbers of diesel service centers that perform repairs, upgrades, and dyno performance tuning also helped shine the spotlight on diesel-powered engines.

If you own a vehicle with a diesel engine, you may have wondered at one point how you can fully maximize its power and performance. We have listed a few tips that will help you get the most out of your car.

1. Schedule regular maintenance for engine tune-ups.

The first thing that will ensure your diesel engine is in tip-top shape is periodic maintenance. Regular check-ups help detect any issues that can hinder your car from performing at its best. It also helps you avoid costly future repairs due to these issues.

2. Upgrade its air intake.

Air intake is important to an engine. The more air the engine gets, the more power it produces.

Upgrading your airflow kit brings in colder air into your engine compartment and improves airflow. Since cold air is a lot denser and has more oxygen, increased horsepower and improved fuel economy is the inevitable result of this upgrade.

3. Upgrade its exhaust system, too.

If you’re planning to increase your engine’s horsepower, then you also need to increase its exhaust system. The more power you have, the more exhaust you are likely to emit.

A larger exhaust system with fewer bends will help make the flow of your exhaust better. Upgrading your exhaust system helps bring a perfect balance to your car as it lowers the temperature of your exhaust gas and improves your engine’s torque and horsepower.

4. Upgrade your fuel injectors.

If you want to give your car’s engine improved fuel efficiency and a higher power range, upgrade your diesel fuel injectors.

On top of the regular fuel injector service every 100,000 kilometers, upgrading your fuel injectors with those that bring up your horsepower by 50 to 100 helps provide the best fuel delivery to your engine. Simply put, this means a higher fuel economy on top of better engine performance for your car.

5. Reprogram the ECM.

An ECM, or engine control module, is responsible for controlling your engine’s performance by making changes to certain vital engine parameters. Replacing or reprogramming the ECM is a quick fix to alter your engine’s settings allowing it to improve its performance by developing more torque and horsepower.

6. Consider installing a turbocharger.

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A turbocharger is considered a worthy investment when it comes to giving your engine more power. As an upgrade, this is especially useful when your vehicle is often used for hauling and towing large and heavy loads.

This device forces more air into your engine’s combustion chamber. This air acts similarly to oxygen in the body in that it pumps your engine up and gives it more power.

Getting the most out of any engine is what any motorist wants for their car. With these upgrades and changes, you can get your diesel-powered engine to perform at optimum performance.

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