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Will Modifying Your Volkswagen Help Hold its Value?

Volkswagens that are fresh from the dealership are already jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring, and the last thing you’d probably think about is modifying it. But believe it or not, Volkswagens and other luxury vehicles aren’t also “safe” from auto aficionados, particularly the rich ones. Their keen senses will always spot something that can still be tweaked to more superb perfection, or just to suit their unique, sometimes eccentric tastes.

So if you’ve just splurged on your first Volkswagen and began to wonder if customisations will be worth it, this guide is for you. Here are the common mods done on Volkswagens and other luxury sports autos, and their impact on their value:

1. Engine Modification

Investing in an aftermarket cold air intake or exhaust system will definitely increase your car’s value, luxury or not. With a high-performance cold air intake system, you boost fuel efficiency, add horsepower, and increase speed as a result, while in an exhaust upgrade, you improve its overall engine performance. A dual exhaust system, in particular, is ideal for sports cars.

2. Leather Seats

Leather seats can make or break your Volks’ value. But given that we’re discussing luxury autos, there’s no doubt that you’d only opt for an authentic high-quality leather seat covering. Their impact on value isn’t going to be much, but it will still add elegance and sleekness to the interiors. Leather seats are actually a good trick to make economical cars look more expensive. Try to stick to light-colored covers, though, since black retains heat.

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3. Wheels and Rims

Like leather seats, new wheels and rims can also make or break the value, but again, the key is choosing a reputable Volkswagen car parts dealer.

But if you own an Amarok, for example, and you want a fifth wheel installed, note that ideally, only the manufacturer can install it, or you might risk damaging its structure and devaluing your truck.

And if you’re changing your tires, get new rims as well to get the most out of the value they will add. Be sure the rims suit the body of your Volks, or they’ll have the opposite effect on its value.

4. Suspension

The impact of suspension lifts on your Volks’ value will depend on the model you own. For trucks with a heavy front, such as an Amarok, a leveling kit may increase its value.

For sedan models, lowering suspension is more preferable than lifting it, but a lowered suspension doesn’t suit all sedans, either. Sports cars are usually the only ones that benefit from it the most. Trucks may also get a boosted value from it since a lowered suspension helps increase speed.

5. Designer Alterations

If you want an aftermarket modification that’s guaranteed to increase the value of your Volks, just go for a designer alteration. This highly sophisticated service is also offered by an authentic Volks’ parts dealer. It isn’t cheap but is definitely worth it. Your Volks will be transformed exactly the way you want it.

Before customising your Volks, consider the reason you’re doing it. If it’s to resell it in the future, then you really have to be extra careful in deciding which parts to alter. However, just because a certain mod increases the value of your car doesn’t mean it’ll be attractive to buyers, too. But if it’s solely for your own pleasure, then go for any mod that you desire.

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