Fun Nights in Singapore: Four Hot Spots You Can Visit

Singapore has always been on the list of must-visit places in Asia. And you cannot deny the appeal of its beauty, modernity, and tradition. Getting around is so easy, and you will meet a diverse set of people, as this city-state is a melting pot of cultures. Of course, Singapore is home to many iconic places and destinations. But on top of these, it has also earned a great reputation for its vibrant nightlife. And you should spend your night by either having an intimate dinner or partying—your pick.

Because the nightlife in the country is so active, you can only expect that there is a wealth of hot spots that you can visit. Step out of your comfort zone and spend the night away with your good friends as you make new memories. And each offers unique experiences. If you are visiting the country soon, you’d better include the following places in your itinerary:

Stop #1: Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is one of the most popular riverside wharves in downtown Singapore. Just close to the train stations and some malls, the area becomes alive and colourful at night with its huge collection of shops, bars, and restaurants such as Burger+. On either side of the river, you will find lots of people hanging out, drinking, and dining. The good news is that you will never run out of shops and bars to visit.

Stop #2: Boat Quay

Just close to Clarke Quay, Boat Quay also has a host of bars, restaurants, and shops that cater for tourists and locals alike. The part that faces the river gives you a stunning view of the buildings and passing tourist boats. If you are into Indian entertainment, cuisine, and bar culture, just head to the Circular Road, a colourful street lined with restaurants and watering holes.

Stop #3: Haji Lane

The nightlife at Haji Lane is just as colourful as its murals and wonderful palette. One side of Haji Lane is filled with bars and restaurants. Every night, there are some musical performances from talented bands, so expect to sing your hearts out or dance to the rhythm of the hits.

Stop #4: Merlion Park


If you are into quieter and slower nightcaps, you can head to the Merlion Park. Despite being filled with tourists, you can surprisingly find posh and solemn nooks where you can enjoy some laughs with your friends. After that, you can sit by the river and marvel at the Merlion Statue or look at the stunning lights of the Marina Bay Tower, the Esplanade, the Singapore Flyer, and the Central Business District.

Honourable mentions include the famed hawker centres such as the Newton Food Centre and Lau Pa Sat. Regardless of where you visit, you can always expect interesting finds and experiences that will always be in your memory. The food, drinks, and merrymaking all make for a wonderful and memorable holiday. The next time you visit the country, try venturing into the other gorgeous nightlife spots that are under the radar.

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