3 Adventurous Ideas For A Perfect Date

While swiping through dating apps, it’s very apparent that more and more people claim to love adventures. Perhaps, when hearing the word “adventure,” people often conjure the image of mountains and rigorous physical activities.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines “adventure” as “an unusual, exciting, and possibly dangerous activity, such as a trip or experience, or the excitement produced by such an activity.” The point is that sore muscles are not a requirement for an adventure. There are other creative ways to get that adrenaline rush on a date.

Why go on an adventurous date?

On every first date, impressing the other person is at the top of the priority list. The perfect way to do this is by taking each other outside of the comfort zone as people rarely forget anything that happens outside of the comfort zone.

Adventures are also useful in bringing out a person’s personality, so it could be a surefire way to get to know someone sans the plethora of personal questions.

When going on a date with an adventure-seeking, there are much simpler ways to seek thrill and excitement and generally have a good time:

1. Ghost hunting

What makes it fun is how scary the idea of it is. Seeing a shadow pass by, something running to your face or chasing you, or even just hearing a bang—these can already send you running home. Walking around in a haunted place and waiting for any of this to happen will give two people a special bond. Two of them have survived an exhilarating night based on fear and their imagination running wild. Maybe the couple chooses to stay close to each other and distract themselves by nonstop conversation. The possibilities are endless—supernatural or not.

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2. ATV

When people talk about adventure, they often think about nature and outdoors. Getting on an ATV in Salt Lake City can quench the thirst for this kind of experience. One ride can get you immersed in the environment while feeding the need for speed. It also gives an adrenaline boost that adventure-seekers crave. Feel the wind in your hair and let out a carefree scream while listening to the roaring of the engine.

Don’t forget, though: safety first. Experts should always accompany beginner riders.

3. Go to a bar in a different city

One thing about bars is that each of them has a distinct personality. Even if they are close to each other, one bar may have the patronage of people who have just turned 21 while the other is where parents choose to drink after work. Some bars also offer inventive drinks, and they also vary in music. Hence, every bar is a unique experience and, therefore, becomes a mystery. On a date, exploring a bar in another city might end up on an interesting note as you find out if the other person can make every situation work.

Before going on a perfect date

Learn to respect boundaries because this is one of the ways not to drive a person away. Fun is only fun when both parties are comfortable.

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