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Zombie Apocalypse: How Prepared Are You?

In a Houston cemetery, graveyards have been desecrated and coffins taken from under the fresh sod. Utah has an outbreak of an unknown disease that causes people to go insane and behave like animals. Miami is on the verge of lockdown due to contamination brought about by a strange, aggressive virus that gives people an inhumanly scary behavior.

Although the chances of a zombie apocalypse happening are small or impossible, have you ever thought how you would fare if it happens? Will you survive the zombie apocalypse?

The Fascination With the Living Dead

Ever since the movie Night of the Living Dead came out, more people got hooked with the concept of zombies. While it is not the first zombie film ever made, the movie has been the defining influence on pop culture’s fascination with the zombie archetype.

Surviving the Zombie Holocaust

Okay. We all know this is very unlikely to happen but it’s a very helpful (and fun!) way of making an inventory of the skills and things we need to survive being overrun by zombies (or any other emergency and calamity, for that matter).

1 – Have a Bug-Out Bag Ready At All Times

It is better to be safe than sorry. An emergency kit should always be ready in case zombies show up at your door (or an intensity 7 earthquake visits your neighborhood). Make sure your bag contains the following items:

Water – a gallon per person per day

Food – nonperishable items to keep you stuffed for a few days

Medications – both prescription and non-prescription meds

Tools and Supplies – battery-powered radio, utility knife, duct tapes, flashlights, etc.

Hygiene and Sanitation Materials – towels, soap, household bleach, etc.

Clothing and Blankets – a change of clothes for the family and blankets to protect you from the elements

Important Docs – birth certificates, passports, drivers licenses to name a few

First Aid Supplies – a single bite from a zombie and you’re a goner but these can come in handy to treat wounds and lacerations during a hurricane or tornado

2 – Have an Emergency Plan For the Family

Sit down with your family and discuss emergency evacuation plans. This includes where to go and who to call in case a zombie outbreak happens in your town (or a flood or hurricane).

Identify the types of emergencies that are likely to occur in your area. You may contact the Red Cross chapter near you for more information.

Identify designated meeting spots where you and your family can regroup in case you got split up running away from killer zombies (or if the town is evacuated in the event of a volcanic eruption). You can pick different locations for different types of emergencies.

Make a shortlist of people you can call in case you need help or shelter or someone you can call to let your family know you still have your brains inside your skull. List down numbers of the different first responders in your area, too.

Map out your route. Once you have regrouped with your family and made sure no one was bitten by the living dead (or injured), identify several routes to your designated evacuation spots and get out of town fast. This is also helpful in case natural disasters strike and you need to find shelter fast.

While a zombie apocalypse is unlikely to happen, it pays to be prepared for all types of emergencies.

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