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Signs of Aging: Why Losing Weight Gets Harder As You Get Older

It’s the frustrating dilemma of seniors: the weighing scale just won’t budge. The fat settles on the waist and belly, despite running around the village every day and trying adventure sports on the weekends. It can be really upsetting to see zero results on your weight loss efforts, especially when you’ve been relatively fit in your youngster years. But, you know the key to getting past this dilemma? Know exactly what’s happening in your body.

Your Body After 40

A lot of changes happen in your body as you hit old age. For instance, hormones fluctuate, producing less estrogen on women and less testosterone on men. These body chemicals are the top contributors to fat storage. As they go low when you get older, the fat gravitates towards the midsection of the body, which explains the potbelly look you can’t easily shake away with a few runs and brisk walks. Add to this the heredity factor, the particular genes passed on to you which influences how many fat cells you have, and you have another one big obstacle to overcome.

Another factor to watch out for is the lower metabolism. Metabolism reduces by approximately 5% every 10 years after you hit 40. With that number, you only need 60 to 100 calories to maintain good health and shape. But of course, a typical aging person would go beyond that, given that they not only consume more, but also exercise less. You also have to take into consideration the loss of muscle when you grow older. The motor units in your muscles aren’t exactly active as they were before, thus it’s harder to move and exercise.
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What Now?

Don’t worry, you’re not doomed to a life of gaining and gaining weight when you hit your 40s. The fix is obvious: a nutritious, active lifestyle. Tackle the body changes mentioned above. To deal with the increase in fat, veer away from sugars. Rather, consume more protein and vegetables. As professionals from weight loss clinics in Orem stated, high-protein diets are effective in taming cravings, and would greatly help in reducing those midnight snacking sessions. As for the workout routine, go for cardiovascular exercises, like walking and ballroom dancing.

To boost metabolism, throw in some spice in your diet (literally). Studies show that spicy food can amp up metabolism almost immediately. For your physical activity, strength training is your go-to. This increases muscle mass, which then helps the body burn more calories and strengthen metabolism. So go lift some weights. At least three times a week. If you go in at a weight loss clinic, doctors can put you in touch with fitness specialists who can teach you proper exercises and help you be safe in your routines.

As you grow older, it will be harder and harder to lose excess fat and weight. It will be a struggle, but it won’t be impossible to be in shape. If you stick to a nutritious diet and active lifestyle, you can actually live at your healthiest.

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