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5 Assistive Devices You May Need After Knee Surgery

You will do yourself a huge favor if you prepare early for your knee replacement surgery. Proper preparation will make a recovery much easier and faster. And as you prepare, remember to ask your doctor the right questions.

Get specific information as soon as the surgery is on your calendar. For instance, ask your doctor about assistive devices you may use at home after knee surgery here in Provo. Here are some assistive devices and supplies you may need to order before or soon after your joint replacement surgery.

1. Anti-embolism Stockings

Throughout your stay in the hospital, there will be a need to reduce the chance of blood clots. Your doctor may then recommend special compression stockings after your knee surgery. Anti-embolism stockings or thrombo-embolic deterrent hose will gently compress your legs to enhance blood flow and prevent the veins in them from expanding.

These actions will lower the risk of blood pooling in the legs and eventually forming a clot. If the hospital you will be in doesn’t provide these tight-fitting stockings, you can buy them from recommended medical supply stores.

2. Chair on Wheels

Joint replacement surgery doesn’t necessitate the need for a wheelchair. However, a chair on wheels can come in handy soon after surgery. Consider investing in an office chair or deck chair with wheels. Such a chair will help you get around in your kitchen.

3. Reacher Grabber Tools

You won’t be very mobile soon after your surgery. Hopefully, your home will be ready, and things will be within easy reach. Also, it will help if you have handy tools that may help you accomplish daily chores with minimal bending and stretching.

A reacher can help you pick stuff from the floor, take off your socks or even put on the pants. Reach extenders can also help you retrieve items from high shelves and other difficult to reach places.

4. Cane

old woman holding a caneA cane can be essential if the surgery leaves you feeling unsteady on the feet. The cane will help you get out of the chair with ease. It will also help you move around with much more confidence. If you need a cane, talk to your doctor or a physical therapist before you purchase one.

The experts will advise you on the best cane for you and the best way to use it.

5. Other Supplies

Other supplies you may need after joint replacement surgery include ice packs and proper attire. Have your ice packs ready before you go home. They will help reduce pain and inflammation. Also, buy some loose clothing before your surgery. It will be easy to put on and remove such clothing.

If you will use a cane, an apron with large pockets can be useful. It will help you move small items easily.

Your doctor may advise you to wait until after your knee surgery to establish exactly which assistive devices you will need. Still, there are certain essential devices almost every patient will need after a knee replacement surgery.

Talk to your hospital about which devices the hospital may offer and which necessities your insurance may cover.

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