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Keep it Tall and Green: Ways to Take Care of Residential Trees

There are many reasons you planted a tree in your garden. For one, you want to make your home much more comfortable. Trees provide shade, and if some parts of your home are under their branches and shades, the temperature inside your home will be regulated. They provide your family with some outside place to rest in. For example, the shade under the tree will always be a perfect spot for reading.

Trees also attract urban wildlife, such as birds and squirrels, which are important in dealing with pests. Some parents actually want trees in their home to teach their kids the importance of being environmentally conscious.

Trees are valuable, and you have surely grown fonder each day for them. With this, it’s only logical that you take care of your trees properly. You may not have an idea of how to do it, so here are some of the things you need to keep in mind:

Go for mulching

Some homeowners forget the importance of mulching. For those who have no idea what it is, mulching is the act of layering the ground where the tree is standing. You’re applying layers of compost, wood bits, bark pieces, and sometimes, soil. It provides insulation, so that the roots can thrive whether it’s the cold or hot season.

Mulching also controls the amount of water that goes into the roots, thus keeping overwatering from happening.  It even keeps weeds from growing around the tree. Tree experts recommend mulching to homeowners whose trees are new or young.

Spot some diseases

You may have the impression that trees are resilient and can stand the test of time — and they can! That does not mean, however, that they’re not able to catch a disease as humans and animals do. Part of your duty as a tree owner is to keep your trees healthy. Some signs of tree diseases include stunted growth, discolorations in leaves and barks, and even being a home to pests. You can seek the help of a reliable provider of tree disease treatment in Utah County to be sure.

Prune your tree

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Pruning your tree is a practice that will allow you to beautify your tree, making it clean and attractive. It also helps you get rid of pest-stricken parts. Essentially, trees do not need pruning, but it is one way to groom them, which gives them a healthy look. Pruning also helps in controlling the growth of branches, which may even damage your home.

Let them thrive

Some arborists and tree experts say that the best way to take care of the tree is to just let them. Trees can actually grow without human assistance, and they’re pretty much low-maintenance. However, that does not mean that you’ll not take care of some precautionary and care measures.

Of course, trees are much easier to take care of if you have picked the ones that are fit for residential properties. If you think that your trees are causing troubles, it’s time that you transplanted them somewhere else. The local government may be able to help you.

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