Farmer standing in front of his cattle

Why Becoming a Farmer Is Good for Your Health

From the food that we put on our plates, to the clothes on our backs, a lot of the things that are essential for our survival come from farms. They are the products of the hard work of countless farmers all over the world. Farming is a difficult job, that’s for sure. However, it is also one of the oldest and proudest professions. Aside from being able to grow whatever produce you like and the high job security that comes with the role, farming also has plenty of benefits to your health.

Still can’t see yourself riding a quad bike in your farm? Read on for some health benefits that come with being a farmer.

It helps you stay fit

There’s no question that the work on a farm is difficult. However, instead of seeing this as a negative aspect of the job description, you could take it as a benefit. After all, you could finally say goodbye to expensive gym memberships and get plenty of exercise all in a day’s work. Doing physical labour outdoors is bound to help you achieve and keep your ideal body shape.

It gives you the chance to have more time with nature

The life of a farmer entails that they work, live, and play on their farms, which are usually found in picturesque locations in the countryside. You could even get a tan while soaking up some sunshine. Being out in the sun is not only useful for stacking up on your body’s supply of vitamin D, but also for raising your spirits. Farming also allows you to experience the different seasons throughout the year. You’ll find that life is a bit fuller when you could tell when winter is coming through the change in the scent of the air. Nature is very complex. Farming allows you to experience all its wonders for yourself.

It allows you to eat better

As a farmer, you have the freedom to choose what you want to farm. Aside from reaping the benefits of knowing that you’re feeding the planet using your own two hands, you also get the satisfaction of eating something that you have grown yourself.  You could even raise your own sources of meat and get to decide what the animal eats and what kind of life it will lead before it heads to the butcher. In fact, according to a study conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture, families who live in farms get more nutrients like calcium, protein, iron, and phosphorous in their diets compared to their counterparts in the city.

It offers plenty of ways to destress

Female farmer destressing by picking and taking care of her produce

Work is almost always stressful, whatever or wherever your job is. However, if you’re a farmer, there would be plenty of methods available for you to keep your stress levels on the minimum, aside from being reminded that you would not have to sit for a long time in the middle of a traffic jam on your way to the office.  For example, it’s always Bring Your Dog To Work Day on the farm. You could spend the day with your best fur friend since there are no rules against bringing them to work.

Farming is difficult. But at the end of the day, it is still a pretty cool job. After all, you get the chance to feed and clothe a number of people in your community or even around the globe. Aside from this, it also keeps you healthy since it gives you the chance to eat well and even spend enough time with nature.

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