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4 Types of Security Door Grilles

Most people assume that a security door is a preserve of commercial buildings. However, security doors are a necessity for everyone looking for a way to protect their families and secure their properties while still letting fresh air into their interiors. Every fifteen minutes, one home becomes a victim of burglary worldwide. That’s why it’s important to get the best door for your property to make sure you won’t be part of the statistics.

People will promptly get an expert for their residential and commercial garage door repair to keep their Utah property secure and the garage door operating as it should. You should take the same precautions when choosing the materials for your security door.

Steel and aluminum were the primary types of security door materials in the past. Now, there are modified wooden doors which work as effectively as the older models. Some security doors come with grilles rather than a wooden or metal solid. The following are your grille options for security doors:

Cast Iron Grilles

These are the most common grilles used for security doors. Cast iron grilles are quite strong, rust-free and will conveniently match the existing style and architecture of your property. Security doors with cast iron grilles, however, are heavy, so you might need to invest in reinforcement for the frames for additional support.

Decorative Grilles

These are ideal for those looking to add visual appeal to their security doors. The main advantage of decorative grilles over other options is their customization flexibility. The grilles come in various shapes and patterns which will not compromise the security of your property. As such, by choosing these grilles for your property, not only does it provide protection but also added style.

Stainless Steel Security Wires

These are currently the most expensive choice for security door grilles, but they also offer the highest level of protection. They are commonly used in financial institutions and other properties looking for optimal security.  The stainless steel security wires are a combination of heavy steel and stainless steel mesh which is virtually impossible to break.

Small Diamond Grilles

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This is the best alternative for property owners in high-risk localities. Security doors with small synthetic diamond grilles feature tiny holes and aluminum grilles for additional protection. The grilles will deter burglars from getting their hands and fingers through the small holes in the diamond grilles to manipulate your lock. Small diamond grilles are more aesthetically appealing and reasonably priced compared to stainless steel security wires.

It’s easy to associate security doors with large structures that lack any visual appeal, so many property owners look for other types of doors for their properties. The above grilles, however, are designed to transform your door into an appealing component of your property without compromising its overall look. Coupled with the right garage door, your property will be virtually impenetrable to intruders. The cords of the above grilles should ideally be thick, so your door frame should be strong enough to support them and the grilles properly installed. They can be riveted or welded to your door frame or held using screw clamps.


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