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Reflecting on Yourself While Traveling

When you’re on a trip, you’re not just traveling. You have a chance to meet new people, earn new experiences, and learn about a new culture. It’s also a good time to reflect on yourself, your strengths, and weaknesses. Chances are, you will find out you’re capable of something you never thought you would be able to do before.
You’re in a new place, or maybe you’re on an LDS Israel tour. Wherever you are, a trip that takes you out of your comfort zone is bound to teach you something.

Discovering Your Passion

People can spend all their life thinking they want to do something else, but not quite figuring out what it is. Living in the same place and being exposed to the same surroundings every day will not help you answer that burning question. As you don’t know what you should be doing, you can’t do it.

A tour, vacation, or retreat will help you see more of the world, which will help you identify what it is that you want to do. You know the answer deep within you, but you couldn’t make sense of it from the comfort of your own room. Being pushed outside to experience something new will help ignite your passion so brightly that you can’t ignore it anymore.

Making a Decision

Experiencing new things doesn’t only open your mind to the world; it also widens your view on something that has a big impact on your life. Many travel before making a big decision, such as going after a new career or moving forward with their relationship. You can think about these anytime, but when you have work and your personal obligations daily, it’s hard to relax enough to make decisions that are not influenced by stress or tiredness.

Rebuilding Relationships

Traveling with family members to reconnect is a good way to rebuild a strained relationship. It gives you a way to revisit some of your fondest memories if you’re returning to a place you visited together before. It’s also a way to learn more about the person when they’re facing a situation where they have limited resources and they may not have anyone else to rely on. Even for couples who are having a hard time, a tour may decide whether the relationship can still be saved or if it’s time to go.

Traveling for Yourself

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You don’t have to travel just to get something done. Sometimes, a trip is meant to do the exact opposite, which is to help you get out of a rigorous routine.
That means you have some time to relax and tune in to what you want and need for yourself. It’s easy to forget that you have your own needs as well when everyone else relies on you. Going away to travel can help you relax, while everyone back home has a chance to miss you and appreciate all the things you’ve been doing for them all along.

Given all the good things traveling can do for you, there’s no excuse for anyone to avoid it. At least once in your life, put yourself first and go on a life-changing trip.

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