Monday Mania – 2.8.2016

In this weeks edition of Monday Mania: What Would It Take To Go Completely Off Grid, Evac Strategy: How To Create a Coordinated Bug Out Plan, Preppers – Foot Care is a Top Priority, In A Crisis, Your Paper Dollars Are Worthless: “Real Goods Are The Real Money”, & 9 More

Monday Mania – 2.8.2016

Yesterday there was a marathon of Alaska: The Last Frontier on the Discovery Channel. I have seen this show many times before but I found myself reflecting on what it is that the Kilcher’s do to get by in their day-to-day lives.

Seeing the skills and knowledge to survive in a challenging environment really had me reflecting on the importance and value of skills and knowledge. It really is number one on the list of importance when it comes to preparedness. If nothing else, prioritize learning about the basic skills that will keep you alive if there is a disaster.

Watching the show, I was actually reminded of a TV series that was on in 2008 and 2009 (If I remember correctly) called The Colony that was pretty interesting.

The show followed a group of ten people that are placed into a simulated post-apocalyptic setting where they are expected to not only survive, but rebuild their colony using their skills and knowledge along with whatever they are able to scavenge from the surrounding areas.

As an example, the season that I remember watching, they were able to get an old diesel tractor to run using the oil that they were able to get from rendering pig fat that they got from a few decomposing pigs they found. While the show is definitely designed to work as it does (casting, environment design, supplies, etc.), it was still very interesting to watch.

All that aside, I had a fairly busy work week. I spent the balance of my time hanging out with my family. There is really nothing exciting to report on that front. Just business as usual.

I hope that y’all have a great week!


What Would It Take to Go Completely Off Grid? – I can’t speak for everyone but I know that to me, the ability to live on a piece of property that I own, with complete freedom from others to get what I NEED, would be a dream come true. The points made here are very good items to consider when determining whether or not to homestead, whether on or off the grid.

Evac Strategy: How To Create a Coordinated Bug Out Plan – If you gotta go, it’s best to have a good plan. I especially like number one. Organization is key.

Preppers – Foot Care is a Top Priority – I will definitely stand behind this. If there is one thing that I learned in the military, it is to take care of your feet. Nothing is worse than trying to use your feet and, either wanting to quit every time you take a step or screaming out in pain every time you put weight on your feet.

In A Crisis, Your Paper Dollars Are Worthless: “Real Goods Are The Real Money” – I wholeheartedly believe this to be true. If things are bad enough, the only currency that will matter are the things that one person needs or wants in exchange for something the other person needs or wants.

Free Heating – How To Build a Solar Heater Using Aluminum Cans – This is a pretty cool idea.

Why to be a Prepper: 8 Realistic Threats you should be Ready For! – Boom! Drop the mike, walk away.

Understanding the Two is One, One is None Concept – We’ve all heard it. Here it is explained.

Bugging Out: Living in a Van or SUV – This isn’t going to work for my family! It might be a good concept for you though.

Preppers, a growing generation of ‘crazy’? – Here is a good look at what most preppers are; not what most people think of preppers.

How to put together your own bug out bag perimeter alarm kit… or how to sleep better at night when the “zombies” are on the move.


Border Patrol’s New Stand Down Policy: “We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether” – Nothing to worry about. It’s not like anyone that entered the country illegally has ever done any harm to an American, right?

In Case You Missed It: Obama Just Proposed Raising the Federal Gas Tax 136% – That’s what we need, more taxes!

Shocking! Judge Tazes Man in Court Because He “Continued To Speak When Ordered To Stop” – This will improve your faith in the justice system (read with a sarcastic tone of course).

That’s a wrap for me this week. As always, I hope that you all have a great week and keep getting ready for tough times. It seems like we get closer every day to something unfortunate coming along.

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Come back next week for another edition of Monday Mania.

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I Think I Got It!

I Think I Got It!

This is just a quick follow up from yesterday’s post regarding the security of the site.

It seems that after pouring through the thousands of files that compose my website, I got the bugs out. Yeah!

I take the security of your devices seriously so I am adamant about removing any potential threat. I am glad that there has been some resolution.

Moving forward, there are a few steps that I have taken to ensure the future security of The Prepared Ninja:

  1. I have put additional security measures in place by transferring this site to a different hosting plan that offers additional security features that my previous plan did not have.
  2. I set up an account with a cyber security firm that will automatically scan the site daily for threats and vulnerabilities. It will automatically remove anything malicious that it finds.
  3. An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) will be added to the site to ensure you all that there is a secure connection between my server and your web browser. It will also ensure that all data passed between the server and web browser remains private by establishing an encrypted link between my site and your browser. If any of the automatic security checks fails, your browser will display a warning to you letting you know that the site is not secured by SSL.

Nothing is required from you to continue to enjoy The Prepared Ninja!

I hope that anyone who was feeling uneasy as a result of my candor will feel better now.

As always, please send an email to if there is anything that I can do for you.

Thank you for your interest in The Prepared Ninja

Monday Mania – 2.1.2016

In this weeks edition of Monday Mania: Deadly Prepping Problem, Engineer Your Perfect Life, Surviving Occupied America, The 6 Laws of Survival, & 15 More

Monday Mania – 2.1.2016

Aaahhhhh! It’s February already. Where does the time go?

First things first, I know that I am having some issues with my website and emails. Here’s what is going on:

***WARNING*** – If you are on a mobile viewing platform and try to go to the site, it will try to tell you that:

Your Adobe Flash Player version is outdated.

Please install downloaded update file

Click OK to see instructions


This is an attack on those who have the Android platform specifically. It will not be able to download anything to other platforms. That said, please be careful anyway.

I am working on trying to get things squared away but I am not a cyber security professional and digging through the backend of my website is complicated for me. I thought I had it fixed yesterday but it is popping up again today.

Secondly, there are some issues with my email list and how it interacts with my website. I am looking into that as well but I am not sure when that may be resolved.

The internet can be a huge advantage for many things but with that comes many problems, including people doing malicious things.

Monday Mania

I want to share a few of my thoughts on the situation with Ammon Bundy and company that yielded tragic results last week. I am sure that if you are reading this, you are most likely familiar with the situation that was/is still occurring at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

I don’t know that the death of LaVoy Finicum could have been avoided if things were done differently, but I am confident that the groups approach destined them for trouble eventually. I was not surprised by the news of Finicum’s death. In fact, I was surprised that the situation did not end with more deaths.

Starting Question: Why did the FBI release video footage of Finicum being killed but they do not release other tapes of law enforcement involved shooting deaths?

Side Note: Maybe if the world had seen the video of the Michael Brown shooting, then Officer Darren Wilson would either be in jail (like some people want) or the man could live his life in peace and may still have his career. #BlackLivesMatter though, right? What about everyone else?

Here are a few of my thoughts:

  • Ammon Bundy picked a fight that he was destined to lose. I believe that there were good intentions to go to Eastern Oregon and stand in support of Dwight Hammond Jr. and his son Steven Hammond. The follow on mission of occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge was a mistake.
  • I definitely believe that what a group of people believe in is worth fighting for but, all peaceful routes should be completely exhausted and a large quorum should be in agreement before the thought of violence is considered.
  • There may be a time where fighting is going to be the best solution to a problem within the United States but I pray to God that it does not happen.
  • If Bundy was set on the occupation, bringing guns along set them up for a violent ending (maybe that is what they ultimately wanted). The federal government has demonstrated their ability to resort to violence at places like Waco and Ruby Ridge, anyone wanting to take a stand against the federal government should remember that.
  • If the Hammonds had accepted their fate, the best move was to go along with that.

With all of that said, there is another perspective to consider. We live in a time where many are divided over issues (some of them large in nature) and certain efforts have been largely supported by a certain side and criticized by the other, resulting in an ever greater divide.

  • It is crazy that Occupy Wall Street was a movement that took over public spaces across the country and really no significant consequence came of that. The police did not follow the occupiers to other locations with the intent of ambushing them.
  • The movements’ motto is, “the only solution is World Revolution.” Ammon Bundy was staging a revolution of his own.
  • The Occupy movement garnered support from:
    • Barack Obama, The President of the United States
    • Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the United Stated House of Representatives and 52nd Speaker of the House of Representatives
    • Charlie Rangel, New York 13th Congressional District Representative and notorious violator of ethics
    • Dennis Kucinich, Ohio 10th Congressional District Representative (at the time
    • Barney Frank, Massachusetts 4th Congressional District Representative (at the time) and former chair of the House Financial Services Committee
    • Al Gore, (no introduction really necessary) Former Vice-President, Presidential Candidate, Overall idiot, and Global Warming Climate Change Fear Monger
    • Buddy Roemer, 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate
    • Ron Paul, 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate and longtime critic of the Federal Reserve (Not a fan of the Fed myself but also don’t care for the Occupy movement)
    • Multiple celebrities including Mark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins, Yoko Ono, Roseanne Barr, Susan Sarandon, and Russell Simmons.
    • The Occupy movement was also openly supported by the Communist party, the Socialist party, and the American Nazi Party. (Good company right?
  • The Bundy occupation received support from no politician, no party, and certainly no celebrities (as far as I am aware).
  • In the case of the Occupy movement, their message centers around dismantling the financial system and Capitalism in the United States. That is okay (and widely supported), but bringing to light the fact that states like Nevada and Oregon are more than 50% owned by the Federal Government seems to be problematic for those who lean to the left.
  • As a side note, the Occupy movement openly states that they model their movement after the Arab Spring. The Arab Spring as a movement did protest but they also incited riots and started civil wars. Some of those wars are still ongoing. In fact, we are now deploying American troops to Syria because of one of those civil wars. The Occupy movement models their movement after a group that incites riots and starts wars and they have the support of our president. Interesting.
  • By the way, the Occupy movement is not gone. This last Saturday they joined forces with many social justice groups, including Black Lives Matter, and marched in support of Bernie Sanders for President (2016).

This is only one issue. My concern is that at the rate things continue to evolve, and the divide between sides widens, that we are putting ourselves in a dangerous position. Even then, sometimes to have to pick a side and fight with everything you’ve got.

I am a native Oregonian and there is a reason that they call if the “Left Coast.” Ammon Bundy chose a state to stage his fight that, as a whole, would never support what he was trying to do.

I hope that y’all have a great week!


These People Were Prepared During Snow Storm Jonas, But They Died Because of This Mistake – This is a great reminder about a deadly problem.

“New American Dream”: Activist Plans to Survive In First Ever ‘Zero Waste Sapioponic’ Homestead – Interesting idea. I love the quote though:

“We’re setting up a homestead. This is, as far as I can tell, the new American Dream. Buy an RV, buy a piece of land and build until you’ve engineered your perfect life from the ground up and truly become the entrepreneur of your own happiness.”

How To Survive Occupied America – Mindset and knowledge will go a long way regardless of the situation.

Surviving Occupied America, Part 2 – After mindset and knowledge comes action.

How Do You Know When Your Society Is In The Midst Of Collapse? – Some interesting reflections on the current state of our society.

The Six Laws of Survival: Strategies For Beating the Worst Case Scenario – Six great points but I think that number two is my favorite.

OK, You Survived…but What If You Have Been Captured? – God forbid this scenario ever comes to reality in the United States but if it does, here is some good information to ponder.

How to Escape a Totalitarian Detention Camp – OK, you got captured, now what? Escape of course! Here’s how.

Types of Traps to Catch Feral Hogs – While they make work for feral hogs, having knowledge of how to make an animal trap could be very helpful if you find yourself trying to find your own food.

Bug Out Bags and Survival Vests – I have a couple of tactical vests of my own from my glory days. The idea of a survival vest is something that I have always wanted to do. Here is someone who has.

A Quick Guide To Shooting Fundamentals – The fundamentals of shooting, I believe, are something that everyone should learn in life (the earlier, the better).

Bug In Contingencies – A few considerations if you find yourself sheltering in place.


What’s wrong with America? And how did we get here? – That’s a good question. I wish I had a perfect answer.

The Perception Of Patriotism: Sears Censors “The Right Of the People To Bear Arms” On Zippo Lighters – The things I accomplished in the military mean nothing because stolen valor is now considered free speech but the 1st Amendment doesn’t cover it’s own Bill of Rights?

UNBELIEVABLE: Danish Teen FINED for Fending off Would Be Rapist with Pepper Spray! – Yes, the world really has become this stupid.

Facebook and Instagram Will No Longer Allow Private Gun Sales – I’m surprised to hear this was ever allowed. Facebook isn’t really known for their bipartisanship.

Gang of Masked Swedes Attack Migrant Children in Stockholm – Is this like looking into a crystal ball and seeing the future of America?

The U.S. spent half a billion dollars on mining in Afghanistan with ‘limited progress’ – No surprise here…

REALLY BAD IDEA: Oregon Musician Going to Syria to Stop ISIS with “Peace Concert” – I’m sharing this, but leaving this one alone. Ok, one thing…he must be a Democrat.

That’s a wrap for me this week. As always, I hope that you all have a great week and keep getting ready for tough times. It seems like we get closer every day to something unfortunate coming along.

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Come back next week for another edition of Monday Mania.

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Monday Mania – 1.25.2016

Monday Mania – 1.25.2016

Ok! Here’s the first Monday Mania for 2016.

I don’t have much to say today (mostly because work is getting in the way) but I would like to thank each and every one of you for the support and encouragement that you have shown me. I won’t say that I couldn’t do this without you guys (I could but it would be weird to write knowing that no one ever read anything) but I will say that I would not continue to do this without you. Thanks!

Without further to-do, here is Monday Mania:

73, Female, Widowed, And A Prepper!: Wow! I hope that I make it to be a 73 year old prepper. This story is a good example of how prepping is for everybody.

Speculations On Civil Unrest & How To Protect Your Survival Preps – This is a interesting article that if nothing else, should shed some light on a few reasons to be aware of what is going on around you. Supplies aside, if things go in a southern direction, be aware of your surroundings. This doesn’t have to be a grid down scenario either. Think about Hurricane Katrina and people firing off their guns inside of the Super Dome.

Water Filters and Failing Municipal Water Systems – This is a great topic. Not only is our infrastructure hurting from a safety standpoint, this is also a big security issue. We are vulnerable in many ways when it comes to our water supply. This makes having a functioning home water filter system an absolute necessity.

For a little perspective, in 2015 there were 663 million people across the globe who lacked access to an improved water source as a way to get clean, safe water. On top of that, dirty water is the cause of diarrheal death that kills roughly 2,307 people every day around the world.

Powering Your Survival Homestead – In somewhat keeping with the water theme, this article covers the well aspect of a homestead (a little off topic from the headline). Having never had a well as a water source, it was interesting to me to see what all goes into the system.

Survival Plans For Disabled: How To Escape From Fire – While this article focuses primarily on the disabled, especially those in wheelchairs, there are a couple of things that I would like for you to consider:

  1. These are fire safety tips that everyone can use (disabled or not).
  2. If you or a family member is disabled but not dependent on a wheelchair, it may be a good idea to have a wheelchair available in the event of a fire or other emergency to minimize evacuation time and effort.

That’s a wrap for me this week. I’m glad to be getting back into the swing of things.

If you ever need anything, you can shoot me an email at:

I’m Still Here!

Hi! I’m Tom. Remember me?

I know that there are a few of you who do because you have reached out to me and asked me if I am still around. Well, I am. Thank you to those who dropped a line.

To make a long story short, here are the bullet points:

  • We moved at the beginning of December
  • Leading up to the move, there was a ton of stuff to get done
  • When we got to our new home, there was a ton of work to do
  • The holidays happened
  • The new year came, the Oregon Ducks absolutely blew it when they played TCU (I don’t follow football but I am a native Oregonian
  • Since the beginning of the year I have been working on getting settled into my new position

Ok, that is the synopsis. Hopefully you will at least halfway accept my excuses.

In the time I have been away, aside from moving and its related activities, I have mostly spent time with family but I also got the chance to help my sons test out some of their video games and spent some time at the range.

I know that there are a few more things that have happened in the last few months but I am confident that you won’t be excited by my tales of trying to find my way around a new city. This is especially true because this is the largest place I have ever lived and so I have had more opportunities to get lost here…a lot more!

That’s really it for me right now. I just wanted to say hi right quick.

I have a few things in the works and I am definitely going to be making a better effort to make sure that I write regularly.

I also have a quick favor to ask; if there is something that you would like to see included here on The Prepared Ninja, please send me an email at

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