Boosting Property Value With a Swimming Pool Area

  • A strategically located, well-sized swimming pool can significantly increase property value and attract buyers or renters.
  • Adding luxury features like waterfalls, lighting, landscaping, and a spa can further enhance a pool area’s appeal.
  • Regular maintenance, including keeping the pool clean and maintaining pH balance, is essential to retain value.
  • Implementing a CO2-based pH control system can reduce maintenance costs and increase pool safety.

If you’re looking for ways to increase the value of your property, a swimming pool area is one of the most effective solutions. Adding a swimming pool can enhance the aesthetics of your home, attract potential buyers or renters, and allow you to make lifelong memories with your family and friends.

However, before you dive into building a swimming pool area, you should have a clear idea of what you’re getting into to maximize the benefits of your investment. This blog will provide essential tips on boosting property value with a swimming pool area.

Be Mindful of the Location

The location of your swimming pool area is critical in determining its potential value. If you’re building it for your own family, you may not have to worry about the distance from other buildings or its privacy.

However, if you’re building it for resale or renters, ensure the location is favorable. Ideal locations include spots not directly visible from the street, not close to power lines, and away from the kitchen or laundry areas.

Consider the Size

Building pool

The size of your swimming pool area is another factor that can potentially boost its value. However, you should be careful not to oversize it as this can be detrimental. Understand that bigger pools require more maintenance and can increase your water and energy bills. Therefore, a medium-sized pool proportionate to your home’s size and lot can be ideal.

Add Some Features

A swimming pool area with all the basic elements like the pool itself, a deck, and some chairs may not be enough to significantly boost your property value. Consider adding additional features to make your pool area more attractive. Here are some ideas:


Waterfalls add a touch of luxury to any pool area. They create a calming sound and provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation. Waterfalls also make your swimming pool area more visually appealing, attracting potential buyers or renters.


Lighting can transform the ambiance of your entire property, including the swimming pool area. You can add underwater LED lights in different colors to create a unique and inviting atmosphere at night. You can also install spotlights around the pool to highlight certain features like a waterfall or a fountain. This will not only enhance the aesthetics of your pool area, but it can also make it safer for nighttime swims.


Landscaping is another great way to add value to your swimming pool area. You can use plants and flowers to create a natural and inviting environment around the pool. Consider adding some shade trees or tall shrubs to provide privacy and shelter from the sun.

Hot tub or spa

Having a hot tub or spa in your swimming pool area can make it more appealing to potential buyers. The added features can also help you enjoy your pool area even during colder months.

With these attractive features, your pool area will be more than just a place to swim. It will be an outdoor oasis that potential buyers or renters won’t be able to resist.

Regular Maintenance

Pool maintenance

One of the worst things you can do to your swimming pool area is failing to maintain it regularly. Regular maintenance not only keeps your pool looking inviting but also prolongs its life and ensures that it functions optimally. Always keep the pool water clean, fix leaks promptly, and clean the deck and chairs after use.

Most importantly, keep your pool’s pH level balanced, as a high pool water pH level can damage the pool structure and make it less appealing to potential buyers. It’s also essential to employ the proper technique when it comes to this. The use of chemicals can affect people’s skin, eyes, and hair.

Fortunately, you can lower your pool’s pH level without chemicals. A CO2-based pH control system is an alternative that involves using carbon dioxide in the pool water. It’s not only a safer option, but it also helps you save on maintenance costs in the long run. Make sure you employ the help of professionals to implement and maintain this system.

A swimming pool area is a fantastic addition to any property, providing potential for increased value, aesthetic appeal, and fun-filled experiences. However, it requires careful planning, from choosing an optimal location and size to adding unique features and ensuring regular maintenance. By following these tips, you can transform your property into an irresistible oasis that can attract potential buyers or renters and deliver a high return on your investment.

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