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Home Renovations: Creating a Modern, Industrial-style Home

There’s something about the industrial style that just makes a home feel modern and edgy. Maybe it’s the combination of raw materials with sleek finishes or how it can adapt to any space. This also enables you to create a comfortable and stylish space while reflecting your interests and hobbies. A modern industrial home will always be in style, regardless of trends.

No matter your reason, if you’re looking to renovate your house into a modern industrial-style home, here are four ways to do it.

1. Paint Your Walls With a Dark, Neutral Color

When creating a moody atmosphere, there’s nothing better than dark, neutral paint color. Aside from making your home feel more sophisticated, it will also help to hide any imperfections in the wall. This will also make any industrial-style furniture or accents stand out.

If you’re unsure what color to paint your walls, consider dark gray or black. You can add pops of color to the space with your choice of furniture or accessories. However, a neutral base will help to create the perfect industrial atmosphere.

You also can paint one wall that will act as your accent wall. This will instantly create a moody atmosphere that is perfect for industrial space. You can pair it with lighter colors and accents to brighten the room.

2. Install Commercial Doors

Usually, houses have traditional entry doors made of wood or fiberglass. Consider installing commercial entry doors to create a more industrial feel. These are typically steel and have a sleek and modern look.

Steel front entry doors can give your home an instant facelift and make it look more modern. These are durable and are sure to last for years to come. If you want to take it a step further, you can add glass panels to your door for a more modern look.

When choosing new entry doors for your home, find a supplier specializing in residential and commercial door installation and repair. Some reliable suppliers would even be happy to give you a discount if you find a deal somewhere else. Don’t forget to check on their reviews to ensure you will be dealing with a reputable company.

3. Add Metal Accents Throughout the House

stylish metal staircase

Another option is to add metal accents throughout the house. This can be anything from light fixtures to door handles and even staircase railings. People often associate metal with industrial spaces, so this is a great way to incorporate the style into your home.

For example, you could replace traditional light fixtures with industrial-style pendant lights. Instead of a chandelier in your dining room, try a metal fixture with exposed bulbs. You could also swap out your door handles and doorknobs for ones made of steel or other metals.

You can also add metal accents to your staircase by installing new metal railings. Consider using glass panels to craft a more modern look. Allowing natural light indoors can make the space feel more open and airy.

4. Say Goodbye To Traditional Furniture

More and more people are buying more modern and industrial aesthetic furniture. The popularity of minimalism is driving this trend, which emphasizes clean lines and simple forms. This is also a response to the increasing use of technology in our lives.

As we become more reliant on digital devices, we crave furniture that makes us feel closer to the natural world. And what could be more natural than raw materials like wood, metal, and stone?

Industrial furniture is the perfect way to achieve a modern look without sacrificing comfort or functionality. And it’s not just for people who live in apartments or lofts. This style can also work in any home, from a classic Victorian to a contemporary ranch.

You can find industrial furniture in a variety of styles and materials. For example, you might choose a metal bed frame with a wood headboard or a glass coffee table with a steel base. For the living room, try a leather sofa with a metal frame. And for the dining room, consider a wooden table with metal chairs. Whether you’re furnishing your entire home or just adding a few pieces here and there, industrial furniture can help you achieve the perfect modern look.

Home renovations can be a great way to update your home and make it more stylish. Consider incorporating industrial-style elements into your design if you’re looking for a more modern look. This can give your space an instant makeover while maintaining a comfortable and inviting feel. With the help of these four simple tips, you can start transforming your home into the perfect industrial-style haven.

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