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Keeping Your Family Cool During Summer

For many families, the scorching heat is one of the things that’s stopping them from enjoying summer. However, the ridiculously high temperatures shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the season. Even if you can’t afford a central AC system, there are still different ways to keep your family cool during the sweatiest, most scorching summer heat. Your comfort isn’t the only thing affected by the scorching heat.

Dangerously high temperatures can lead to heat-related problems, including heatstroke, heat exhaustion, or heat cramps. Incorporating these tips into your summer routine will significantly change how heat affects your body. Read on.

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Invest in Ceiling and Portable Fans

Using ceiling and portable fans are excellent solutions if your air conditioner isn’t in good condition during summer. Your portable fans might not work like your AC, but they can still keep you cool during summer. Instead, they create a breeze that has a wind-chill effect, and it’ll make a cooling effect when that breeze hits your skin. For more comfort, you can place a bowl of ice in front of the fan to create a refreshing mist of air.

You can also place a box fan on your open windows to create a cross-breeze that will help lower the room’s temperature. You can also use both fans with your air conditioner simultaneously. Your portable fans circulate a room. Using them can ease the burden on your AC, allowing you only to run the AC for shorter periods to save money on energy costs. If the heat is bearable, shut the AC off and only use the fans to further cut the costs on your energy bills.

Don’t Use the Stove to Cook Meals.

Using the oven or stove can be helpful during winter, but it’ll only cause problems during summer. It’ll add extra humidity and heat, causing your family more discomfort. It’ll also allow condensation and moisture buildup inside the house. Excess moisture inside the home can result in different problems, including bacterial buildup that causes allergies and other diseases.

You can opt for sandwiches, cold meats, fruits, salads, or light meals during summer. If you still want to grill your vegetables and meat, use your grill instead of turning the oven or stove. You can even invite your friends for a summer-themed barbecue party.

Use Your Light Bedding or Blankets

It might be difficult to get a peaceful sleep if you’re uncomfortable. If your AC isn’t in good condition, you’ll be up all night trying to sleep peacefully. Opt for light bedding and blankets if you want to sleep comfortably, even if your air conditioner isn’t working. On a warm night, avoid using the comforter. Keep a light bedding or blanket close. Most set their thermostat to a higher temperature at night to minimize energy consumption.

But don’t turn it up too high because it’ll be harder to sleep. One way to sleep peacefully is by investing in a programmable thermostat that will allow you to preset the ideal temperature at night and automatically revert to the perfect temperature in the morning.

Hang Out Downstairs for Comfort

Heat rises, meaning warm air naturally goes to a higher area. You’ve probably noticed that phenomenon if you live in a two-story house. Your upstairs rooms are warmer than the lower ones. If your air conditioner isn’t functioning correctly, go downstairs. You can even encourage your children to camp out in a tent. Or, go to the basement if you’re still not comfortable with the temperature in the living room.

For multi-story homes, investing in a zoned system or separate thermostats are the best solutions to maintain comfortable temperatures that will keep your family happy.

Use Lawn Awnings and Plant Trees

Trees take time to grow, but they can add beauty to your property and provide a natural shade, lowering the temperature inside your house. If you can’t wait that long, installing awnings over your windows or doors is an excellent alternative. Like your big leafy trees, awnings can also provide shade and be a perfect shelter during the rainy season. You can also add a heat reflective film to your windows for added protection from heat.

If you can’t bear the heat, you can also build a swimming pool in your backyard. You’ll have to maintain your pool regularly if you want it to work perfectly. One way of doing that is by investing in pH balance and pool maintenance.

Improve Your Property’s Insulation

Insulation is an excellent way to prevent cold air from escaping and maintain warmth. You’ll also have to seal drafty door frames and windows to prevent the air from seeping out. It’s best to have your property inspected for drafts and air leaks around the doors and windows. If you have poor insulation, improving it is a wise decision. Today, injection foam insulation is the most sought-after option.

It’s a process that entails injecting a liquid foam into the attic, drywall, and frames. It’ll eventually fill the area and harden, creating an airtight seal. Improving your insulation will keep your home comfortable and relaxed in summer and warm during winter.

You can enjoy summer without thinking about the burning heat by following these tips. Being creative and smart will allow you to beat the heat and not let everyone suffer through summer.

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