Traveling amid the Pandemic: What You Should Consider

We get it. You miss searching for the cheapest flights and promo fares available. You’re feeling the urge to look for the most affordable backpacking hostels. You can’t stop thinking about the waves touching your feet and the sea breeze caressing your face.

You can’t wait to travel, and we understand. With over a year into the pandemic, people are already feeling cabin fever. We all want to go out and breathe some fresh air. Surprisingly, people are getting more confident going out while still observing safety protocols.

With the majority of the American population already received at least one dose of vaccination, people are getting more at ease going back to their usual activities. These include local and domestic travel. This is welcome progress for the travel industry. Airlines are getting almost as many flights as before the pandemic. Hotels are already opening in most countries.

According to a survey, 7 out of 10 consumers are willing to travel again this year, citing the price and flexibility of the trip among their major concerns over the fear of the virus. This data shows how Americans long to travel, with infection rates and COVID-19 variants being the least of their worries.

Traveling with Anxiety

In March 2021, at least 3 million Americans traveled outside the U.S. Many Americans are feeling more secure now to travel. Yet, traveling perception amid pandemic varies among travelers.

In a survey, American travelers expressed how they feel about finally getting back to travel. The majority of travelers felt safe while traveling without any worries. Some also felt safer even during overnight trips. Only a few of the respondents said they had no worries at all during their trip.

According to the survey, travelers find staying in a huge hotel and a short-term rental most risky. They also worry about using personal vehicles, carpooling, taking flights, and using public transportation.

Now that many countries have already opened their borders and accepted foreign tourists, it is all just a matter of booking your flights and taking that long overdue trip. Get your passports ready and book that flight. Do your research and finalize your itinerary.

And while doing your itinerary, remember there is still a pandemic and that you need to observe safety protocols. We are still in a pandemic, and your health and wellness should be your top priority even when traveling.

While your main concern when traveling is to look for an affordable hotel and the best tourist spots, here are some important places to note while doing your itinerary:

Make sure there is a hospital near your hotel

May it be an emergency or any non-life-threatening condition that needs urgent attention and health care, you need to know where you’re going. There is a pandemic, and hospitals are operating beyond capacity. It is only wise to prepare yourself for any health-related concerns that can happen to you in a foreign land. It’s better sure than sorry.

Find the nearest pharmacy

Of course, it is a must to keep a box of medicines and a first aid kit when traveling. But, in case something happens and you suddenly feel ill, it is best to know where the nearest drugstore is. Don’t forget to bring your doctor’s prescriptions. Also, check if your medicines are available in the country you are going to. In case your exact medicine is not available, ask your doctor for a better alternative.

Know the safety protocols implemented by the country or state you are visiting

Take note that quarantine guidelines and other safety protocols are different depending on your location. Some states and cities need masks while others do not. Quarantine guidelines also differ. Others require negative RT-PCR tests. Others are good with antigen tests. You may be required to self-quarantine in a hotel for a week, while others only require four days. Be sure to read the guidelines so you wouldn’t violate protocols once you get there.

You deserve a break from this pandemic. You can always unwind and travel for as long as you follow safety protocols. Take in mind that traveling these days is a lot more different. We are still in a pandemic. Make sure that when you book your flight, you come prepared knowing where you’ll land. You need extra precaution and preparation coming into your travel. No one wants to get sick, but it’s better to be prepared. You’re traveling in the middle of a pandemic. You should be battle-ready.

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