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Family Winter Road Trip: Preparation Tips for a Memorable Vacation

Families love going on vacation trips during winter. Despite the snowy and icy roads, winter is a season of many fun and awesome holidays perfect for creating new memories with your loved ones. From Thanksgiving, Christmas to New Year’s Eve, your family can enjoy your celebrations wearing your favorite sweaters and sweatpants.

Families spend their holiday vacations in different ways. With the cold weather and icy roads, it’s not surprising that some families choose to celebrate in their homes. However, some opt to spend their holidays outdoors and enjoy the winter. If your family loves the chilly weather and traveling, then going on a road trip is a good choice. Plan a memorable and safe trip using these tips:

1. Prepare your vehicle

If you’ll be renting a car for the trip, talk to the company about performing safety checks. On the other hand, if you have your vehicle, it’s best to have it professionally serviced days prior to your road trip. Look for a local auto repair shop with experienced mechanics and proper safety and time-saving equipment like car lifts.

Most shops invest in high-quality two-post car lifts to ensure the safety of their mechanics and the car being serviced. Such equipment is a good sign that the shop offers reliable and quick service to clients. They can inspect your tires’ air pressure, fluid levels, and gas tank. After the maintenance check on the auto shop, take time to also clean your car the night before your trip. Clear the snow from your car’s roof and windshield.

2. Create an emergency car kit

An emergency car kit is a must-have for any winter getaway. This kit can save you from dangerous situations while you’re on the road. After all, you never know when you’ll get estranged on the road far from essential services like lodging or restaurants and roadside rest stops. A winter car kit is also helpful for dicey driving conditions or long delays on your road trip. Some basic things to include are a first-aid kit, bottled water, warm blankets, emergency flares, a compact shovel, and an ice-scraper.

Also, check if any of your family members require over-the-counter medications. Buy them in advance as you find it hard to access pharmacies or drug stores during the trip. Additional items to pack are elastic bandages, hand sanitizers, safety pins, duct tapes, extra windshield wiper fluid, phone chargers, and extra food and water. Don’t forget to take note of the contact details of local tow services in your target destinations and save them on your phone.

3. Learn winter driving techniques

Driving on snowy roads can be a challenge, particularly if you’re an inexperienced driver. This is why you should learn how to drive safely in freezing rain or heavy snowfall. After all, you’re with your lovely family. First off, research about your route in advance and track for road warnings or closure updates. You’ll also need a full gas tank, which is useful for staying warm should you pull over or break down during harsh winter conditions.

Other winter driving practices include using inertia to get over hills, increasing following distance, and avoiding cruise control. Furthermore, instead of using high beams, go for low beams and fog lights to have a better visual during heavy snowfall or whiteouts. Avoid speeding and tailgating too as these can only cause nothing but road accidents to you and other drivers, especially in such a harsh weather condition.

4. Allot time for road trip stops
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One of the common mistakes of drivers when taking on a winter road trip is not taking breaks. Make assume that speeding up their travel pace can avoid delays. The truth is, it can cause longer road delays and present safety risks for your family too. Allot extra time in your winter getaway for weather emergencies and stops.

It’s also recommended to stay or go below the legal speed limit during heavy snow or on icy roads. You can also create driving segments in your route and plan for unexpected detours. Take the necessary stops and enjoy the experiences that your getaway has to offer without risking anyone’s safety.

There’s no denying that while winter gives off chilly days and colder nights, it’s an amazing time to bond with your loved ones. Make your holiday winter experience even more memorable by planning an awesome family winter road trip. Bear in mind though that while these tips can help you organize a fun trip, it’s still advisable to take your family’s safety into top consideration.

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