Low-maintenance Living: Making the Right Choice

Everyone spends so much time working nowadays. In the United States, an average family of four makes almost $69 thousand a year. The number doesn’t take into account the number of jobs the income-earners have at the same time. A significant portion of the labor force has multiple jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Having multiple jobs equates to not having a lot of time. It is through no one’s fault that a person would want to earn more. After all, more income equates to having more stuff to enjoy.

A low-maintenance home is ideal for someone who is on the go. It allows the owner to be able to easily maintain and clean anytime he or she wants. Not everyone has the time nor the luxury to clean up and maintain their own home. To build a low-maintenance home is a luxury in itself. Building a low-maintenance home is practical but might be expensive in the beginning. To make your home low maintenance, you have to spend a bit more than the usual spend on an ordinary home.

A low-maintenance home is hassle-free and has a low upkeep cost. It is supposed to be easy to maintain concerning cleaning and repair. The materials should be sturdy enough to withstand the active and on-the-go lifestyle of the owner. Its usage should take very little time and effort for the consumer. Anything that provides more than enough inconvenience for the consumer should not be part of the low-maintenance home.

What are the essentials in a low-maintenance home?

Automatic Vacuum Cleaners 

An automatic vacuum is a must for on-the-go homeowners. Automatic vacuum cleaners are slightly more expensive than average vacuum cleaners. However, automatic vacuum cleaners do all the floor vacuuming for you autonomously. It is lightweight, completely automatic, and very intuitive. It runs through your floor even when you are not there.

It can also sweep the floor of any microscopic dirt or debris that you may have missed during your initial cleanup. Vacuum cleaners also get rid of small allergens present in the recesses and dark corners of your rooms. Some automatic vacuum cleaners are so advanced that you can order them to move via Wi-Fi even if you are in the office.

Tidy Kitchen Organizers 

Kitchen organizers are a busy person’s dream. These kitchen organizers are stackable, modular, and sturdy kitchen cabinets are pretty remarkable for their flexibility and adaptability to different types of cabinets. They rely heavily on the available architecture and appliances present. These go hand in hand with heavy-duty dishwashers, which can accommodate the kitchen organizers.

Kitchen organizers can carry anything: from large, expensive bowls to plastic microwavable containers. These organizers can also be modulated to accommodate expensive drinking glasses and bottles. Just put them in a stack, and they are ready to go for a cleaning, drying, and tidying up.

Self-cleaning Oven 

oven concept

A self-cleaning oven is one of the luxuries on-the-go persons can look into. Love baking but do not have the time to do so? Self-cleaning ovens allow you to make mistakes and bake anything you want at your own pace. Self-cleaning ovens are pretty self-explanatory and are very convenient to use. Even an adolescent child can use self-cleaning ovens. If properly bought, it can also go with a stovetop on it. Aside from being convenient, it is also reliable and hassle-free to clean up.

Easy-to-clean Counters 

Busy people would appreciate a tabletop and a countertop that is very easy to clean. It is unavoidable to make a mess when eating, cooking, or just snacking. Tabletops topped with glass panes and sturdy quartz countertops are ideal for people who do not want to be inconvenienced.

Placing a glass pane over your table makes it easier for a busy person to clean it. It allows them to quickly wipe gunk and other spilled dinners with just one swipe. The same goes with a classic countertop. These types of finishing over almost overly used surfaces will make it easier for the owner to keep it clean and tidy for the next use.

Hardwood and Tiles 

Choosing hardwood or tiles over carpets is one of the most practical things a busy person can install to make their life easier. Compared to carpets, hardwood and tiles are easier to clean. They are easier to wipe down for spills. A hard floor wouldn’t soil or smell after a few years of wear and tear. Unlike carpets, hardwood and tiles are much cheaper as well. They are also less of an inconvenience to clean.

Living in a low-maintenance home is ideal for people with busy schedules. No one wants to spend multiple days or even take hours off their busy schedule just figuring out how to maintain the home they live in. By sprucing up to a nicer and more practical home, you get the most value out of your time.

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