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Tiny House Options For Travelers And Mobile Workers

How often do you travel in a year? Some of you can be passionate travelers, but some travel because of their profession. A mobile job, such as a travel nurse, a food blogger, or a travel photographer, will move to many places every month.

The best way to feel at home when they travel is to live in a mobile home for some people. A mobile, tiny house is a suitable choice for your necessities. Its size is around 300 to 500 square feet (ca. 46 m²), more than a half smaller than a traditional house. Aside from its smaller size, a tiny house has many benefits for you and your family. It might be a single solution for all of your problems every time you have to travel.

Living Big in a Tiny House?

If we are talking about a constant relocation, surely a movable tiny house will be helpful. It saves you from the stressful event of packing your house belongings. The saying ‘Bring your home with you’ is no longer just a word. You can bring your house with you. Other than its mobility, here are the benefits of a tiny house.

A tiny house allows more financial freedom.

Yes, indeed you will save more money. But you might be surprised at how much you will save your money. For a quick calculation, an average house price in 2020 is 334,000 USD without adding the interest rate you have to pay on a 30 years mortgage. On the other side, in 2020, a tiny house will cost you around 30,000 USD to 60,000 USD. It depends on the upgrade that you want. It almost reaches the rates of a standard house’s down payment. Hence, people with tiny houses usually buy it in cash.

On the other side, a smaller house requires less heat, cool, or lights. It leaves smaller footprints on the environment and downsizing your bills. As a result, you will have a smaller electricity bill and more money to spend on your travel plans or retirement.

A tiny house gives you time for leisure.

Cleaning a small space means more time to rest. It will be quicker and easier to clean your tiny house than a regular one. But you have to make sure that you are ready to be a tidy person. Kids’ toys and trashes will block your way and limit your mobility. It will create a stressful atmosphere if you live in a messy tiny house. At the same time, you will require lesser time to do the house maintenance.

Therefore, a tiny house will give you a lot of free time to spend with your family. Use the available time to tighten the bond among the family members.

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Tiny House, Big Problems?

The benefits do not come without challenges. You have to prepare yourself to face the challenges that will happen before or after purchasing your tiny house.

State regulations on tiny houses.

One of the biggest challenges is when your state doesn’t allow tiny houses. The minimum acceptable size of a home in some states is around 750 square feet (ca. 70 m²). The government considers a house with a size smaller than the requirement as a recreational vehicle. According to regulations, you can’t live inside a recreational vehicle for more than 30 days.

Tackle this problem in your research. Look for the available states that are accepting tiny houses. You can even find a tiny house community in some states, such as Oregon or California.

It is more susceptible to damage.

A tiny house’s durability can be lower than the traditional house. It can’t protect you if you live in an area with a high risk of storms and hurricanes. You have to do your research about the location’s weather before deciding to purchase a tiny house. Like a traditional house, you have to prepare a tiny house for extreme weather, such as heavy rain or scorching heat. A deck waterproofing is a must, especially when you travel in your house in the middle of harsh weather. Make sure to install travel-proof cabinets to keep your belongings safe when you are traveling.

There are many financial benefits from a tiny house. You can invest your income for your travel plan or retirement instead of spending them on electricity bills or house maintenance. At the same time, a tiny house allows you to relocate easier and give you time to rest.

Nevertheless, you have to do thorough research on state regulation and weather conditions in your future location. Even though the idea of moving your tiny house is not as easy as it sounds, it is still possible to do. If you have little experience in driving, don’t worry. You only need to drive for a few weeks before you find the next place where your job awaits.

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