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Equipment Every Car Enthusiast Needs in Their Garage

Car aficionados are always fueled by passion, curiosity, and a desire to know what makes things tick. Every vehicle enthusiast needs a well-equipped toolbox and garage if they want to be able to maintain their cars in sublime condition and keep them running for a long time. Here is a guide for the tools and equipment every car enthusiast needs in their garage and toolbox.

Adequate garage space with good lighting

If you see cars as a hobby you will enjoy for the rest of your life, consider investing in homes with adequate garage space with excellent lighting. A smaller garage may provide enough space to park your car, but it may not give enough room for you to work. Experts advise that single-car garages must have a minimum space of 10 feet, while a two-car garage should be at least 20 feet wide and extend up to 24 feet. A two-car garage gives car enthusiasts more space to work and grow. Good lighting is a must, as well. Invest in good lighting by installing fluorescent light fixtures on the ceiling; garage light fixtures with wide reflectors or diffusers are a good place to start.

An excellent workbench

A workbench is necessary for those who love tinkering with parts. You can opt to build your own to save on costs, but you can also purchase one in stores.

Should you decide to design your own, you can use a pair of sawhorses to support a plank of medium density fiberboard or a solid-core door. There are also a lot of design ideas online that you can copy—many of them use simple materials such as a 2 by 2 and a 4 by 4. Ready-made kits are also available in handyman supplier stores; you need to put them together. But if you’re keener on saving time rather than money, pre-built modular workbenches are also provided for by different manufacturers, and many of them allow customization to fit your specific needs and requirements.

A durable two-post car lift and mechanic creeper

A reliable two-post car lift is not just for auto repair shop owners; car enthusiasts and lay mechanics would also benefit from owning one. For one, spending an entire day working under a vehicle can cause persistent shoulder pain and terrible neck strain. For another, laying flat on your back for a period while twisting and straining to get to the different parts of your car and to reach for tools can also cause muscle aches and body pain. It’s not the most ergonomic way to work on your vehicle. Two-post automotive lifting equipment greatly simplifies your work in the garage, and it’s a worthy investment if you’re going to work on cars for a very long time. It’s also a much safer option than pits, stands, and single-posts. A mechanic creeper is also a worthy investment as many of them are designed in a way to protect your back from strain, and they’re more likely to last longer than when you build one for yourself.

Car engine

Quality mechanic tools

Doing all your car repairs will save you a lot of money in the long run, and having the skills and the knowledge to do it yourself is important. But knowledge and theory are rendered useless without the right tools. Here are the tools you need in your arsenal for a simple but comprehensive toolbox:

  • Socket set
  • Pliers and wire cutters in various shapes and sizes
  • Torque wrench
  • Wrench set
  • Screwdrivers
  • Dead blow mallet
  • Work LED light
  • Latex gloves
  • Zip ties
  • Multimeter
  • Impact wrench
  • Cleaners and lubricants
  • Drip pan
  • Desiccant
  • Electrical tape and duct tape

Once you have all these tools at your disposal, keep your car’s factory service manual handy. You will need it to do common tasks like adjusting a carburetor or changing the brake pads.

Enough storage

If you’re going to have the best tools, they need to be housed in the best possible place. This is where a garage with more space comes in—it will provide space for more storage, aside from your cars. A pegboard is one of the most affordable options because it allows you to display your tools and provide you easy access. Invest in a good toolbox, as well, to house the tools you won’t be using more regularly.

A Hobby and An Investment

Being able to do simple car repairs will not only be fun; it can also help save you a boatload of money in the long run. So don’t hesitate to let out your inner grease monkey and see just how much joy—and cash—it can provide you.

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