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Feeding Your Food Obsessions While Exploring Singapore

When exploring a global financial centre such as Singapore, there are a lot of things to do apart from wandering the streets and staring in awe at its most popular tourist attractions. If you’re planning to explore this Asian country anytime soon, feed your food obsessions by trying out the following hacks:

Trust the Locals

If you know someone from Singapore, your best option is to hit them up and ask them for tips on what and where to eat in their country. If you’re joining organised tours, your guide or organiser would most likely recommend must-try restaurants in the area. For people who are going on DIY trips, ask the locals when you reach your accommodation and while you’re at it, ask them politely to point you to public markets where you could try out their cheapest must-try street foods.

Foodies at Your Service

While the option above is perfect for extroverts who don’t mind talking to random people at any time of any given day, introverts may struggle to even ask for directions, so they often rely on the internet to do the job for them. Luckily, everything today is one Google search away. If you’re a true foodie, you’d want to hear the take of respected food lovers in the area. Whether you’re after Michelin restaurants or the best Singapore buffet promotions, there are tons of no-holds-barred reviews from the country’s most trusted foodies. All you have to do is search online.

Watch Vlogs


From the most famous local foods to eat in Singapore before you die to the top must-try restaurants in the country, you can find a lot of vlogs online. One YouTube search will lead you to pages upon pages of recommendations on where and what to eat when you land in this multicultural country. Some vloggers even revealed the best noodles under $5, best chili crab, best Hainanese chicken rice, best Hawker food, best Nasi Lemak, and even the best-kept secrets of the local food makers.

BONUS: Top 3 Exotic Dishes to Try in Singapore

If you have the stomach to try bizarre dishes, Singapore offers plenty of opportunities for travelers to try exotic meals that can’t usually be found anywhere else. Here are some:

  • Sananakji – Live your Fear Factor dreams by trying out this wild dish featuring still-alive (and still-wriggling) octopus chopped up to pieces to make it easier to consume. Once you get past the fear of putting this slimy, wriggling food in your mouth, there’s a fair chance you’ll love this dish as it helps reduce blood sugar levels.
  • Deer Penis Soup – If you’re up for some aphrodisiac meals during your stay on the island, you might want to hunt down some deer penis soup. In traditional Chinese medicine, this soup enhances the sexual desire of men.
  • Shirako – If you’re not up for trying out some deer penis, maybe fish eggs walk that tightrope between exotic but not too exotic. This dish is similar to the orange stuff you normally see on top of sushi.

Traveling is a great opportunity to check out and learn about historical places, appreciate the ethereal beauty of nature, meet and socialize with the locals, and try out unique, authentic cuisines.

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