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Home Security Measures for Budget-Conscious Homeowners

Crime, while unpredictable, can be deterred given the right measures. This is why we need to put great stock into how we manage our households to keep our families safe at all times.

The first countermeasure against crime that we often think of is home security systems. They’re effective most days, given how advanced technology has gotten lately. Depending on the method chosen, homeowners can remove all blind spots around their property, be alerted when there’s an unlawful entry, and have the system contact the cops if there was a break-in.

However, home security systems aren’t the only measures we can use against crime. Here are the ways we can better our home security without having to rely on technology most of the time.

Inspect Your Home

A proper look around every so often (maybe on a bi-monthly or monthly basis) will lead us to any idea. That is, help us see how we can better improve the security of our homes.

There are a few things to remember when we’re inspecting our homes, beginning with the tools that we may have lying around in the open. Items like ladders and hammers should be kept away inside the house or a locked shed. This way, potential burglars won’t be able to use them to get into our homes.

After the tools come the fixtures. We need to make sure that our windows and doors are locked during the times when we leave the house and before we go to sleep. Leaving them unlocked will make it easier for burglars to come in and out undetected.

Lastly, it’s for the best if we consider dropping the hide-a-key method altogether. While having a hiding spot for our keys is useful if we’re forgetful, experienced burglars can use this against us. Instead, we can make sure to have the key on our person at all times so that we won’t need to use the spares lying around our properties.

Improve Curb Appeal

It may not seem much, but improving the exteriors of our homes can do wonders for our safety and security. There are multiple reasons why this is so, one of which is that improving our curb appeals can help us remove any potential hiding spots that robbers may take.

The first step is to know what species of greenery we have on our properties. This knowledge will help us figure out proper care procedures, which includes trimming and pruning trees. Those of us living in Cottonwood Heights may have maple or oak trees on our yards, which need to undergo professional pruning at least every winter season. The same can be said for most shrubs since it will give us time to prepare them for the upcoming spring season.

Having our trees and shrubs pruned means removing dead branches and leaves. This will effectively leave them in a much healthier state. It also lessens the surface area they take up, resulting in their uselessness when it comes to proper hiding spaces.

Invest in Motion Sensor Lights

Electronic key and finger access control system to lock and unlock doors

Similar to rats, burglars hate the light, considering it makes it easier for them to get detected. If we can’t invest in a high-quality home security system, we can instead have motion-activated lights installed around the premises. This way, we’ll be instantly alerted if anyone is roaming our properties at night time.

Home security systems are some of the most reliable safety features we can have on our properties. If we can’t afford it, it doesn’t mean that all is lost. We need to be smarter and more resourceful about reinforcing the security around our properties.

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