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Mistakes to Avoid When Booking a Hotel

There are many reasons people choose to book a hotel room. Some do this for a luxurious staycation, while others for a romantic surprise for their partners. Some need to choose a hotel to stay on vacation, while others need to accommodate them during a business trip. No matter your reason for needing a hotel accommodation, it is a must that you find one that will best suit your needs.

To help you find a suitable hotel, you should not make the following mistakes:

Not minding the hotel’s location

There are lots of hotels where you’re headed. But that does not mean that you should be careless about your hotel of choice. For instance, you’ll be heading to Seattle for a two-day trip. Consider the things you would want to do, including the places you need to visit. Are you staying because of work or vacation?

While there are tons of hotels with a view of the Space Needle, choose one where you will not have difficulty traveling to your destination. The hotel should be near the popular attractions and corporate offices. This way, you can meet up with your business partners and still get to enjoy Seattle after work.

Making reservations at the wrong time

The ideal booking time is at least 21 days ahead of your travel date. While it is true that hotels are giving last-minute deals, you don’t want to end up with no hotel room to stay on a holiday. Consider the day, weather, seasonality, location, and holidays when making reservations. Also, take note of the hotel’s check-in time. If you book your reservation way ahead of time, the hotel may be willing to let you check in early, especially if there is an available room.

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Choosing a room full of amenities that you don’t need

Many people are willing to splurge on amenities that they don’t need. Think of a Jacuzzi, a minibar, or a private pool just for you. Not only do these extra amenities cost a considerable amount of money. You may not even have the time to properly enjoy all these, especially if you’re staying just to sleep and take a bath. What most travelers need is a nice and clean room to stay in so that they can rest and relax after a productive day.

Failure to check hotel reviews

When it comes to choosing a hotel, online reviews can be your lifesaver. According to a study, a hotel’s online review can greatly affect a guest’s online booking intentions. After shopping for hotels, trim your list down and check their reviews. You’ll find out many things about the hotel, including its cleanliness, facilities, staff, comfort, location, and value for money. Failure to check the hotel’s reviews can give you the surprise of a lifetime, so make sure to do your research first.

We all want to stay at a nice hotel that can accommodate our needs when traveling. But it usually depends on your budget and your ability to search for the best deals. If you find yourself staying at the same hotel over and over, then you can take advantage of their loyalty programs. If not, you can use this list the next time you need to find a good hotel when traveling to other states.

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