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MPV or SUV: What’s the Best for Our Family?

More choices are emerging for car buyers. With globalization and the opening of different markets, car manufacturers are now reaching out to previously uncharted territories. The result is more choices for the consumer, even for smaller markets.

This is definitely a win for the consumers. They can now get the car that would fit their needs to a “T.” More brands like Skoda and other European brands are now up for sale with showrooms and dealers emerging all over the country.

If you have a growing family, there are two primary categories that have emerged as the frontrunners, the MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) and the SUV (sport utility vehicle).

The SUV Lifestyle

Many patrons of SUVs usually want the world to know that they like the outdoors and engage in many travels off the beaten path. This is why they like having accessories. They want to project the image of being tough and resilient despite the road conditions.

However, in recent years, there are more buyers of SUVs who do not have that particular profile. They prefer SUVs for the look and also the suspension. They prefer the SUVs also because of the height aspect — they want to be seated higher than that of a sedan or MPV.

New SUV buyers may not even have outdoor plans, but they just want the high seating and extra power even for the everyday commute. Having huge horsepower might come in handy even on the highway. There are many SUVs that already cater to the needs of a big family. They have evolved from the small, five-seater that is preferred by the young, thrill-seeking professionals who use it for their weekend getaway.

Family Options for SUV

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There are now SUVs that are geared to accommodate families, specifically the midsize SUV which has a third passenger row.  They are designed to have enough room to fit children and even teens comfortable. Adults can also utilise the seating but it could be limited to shorter rides.

There are also full-size SUVs that have more room, but they are already considered as luxury vehicles for a reason. If this is within your price range, you would not have to choose between passengers or cargo — they would have room for both. Many SUV brands on this category will offer the all-wheel-drive feature as a standard, so you can always have traction even for daily driving.

The MPV Profile

The MPV was designed as a family car. It is the ideal vehicle for growing families because they allow added passengers in the third row, with ample leg room to go on a long drive. If you have a new, young family and you want to bring them anywhere you go, this is the best option for you.

The keyword for the MPV is comfort and utility. It is ideal for city and suburban living, and long trips on the highway. Most MPV brands would place the latest perks: entertainment systems, cup holders, the smaller details that would help you endure a long drive or getting stuck in traffic.

Many MPV buyers are not vain about the looks of the car in the same way as the SUV buyer. They seek better handling to manoeuvre around the smaller side streets to escape traffic. If they need to carry packages, they can flip the third row for more cargo space. The MPV is more of a utilitarian vehicle and caters more for those who want to be practical about their car purchase.

You can now decide on whether you want to buy an MPV and SUV. The price range for SUV is higher and they consume more fuel. This is another major consideration, but the profiles do enumerate what the vehicles prioritise. It’s up to you to determine whether they align with your own priorities.

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