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Osaki Massage Chairs: Brands You May Consider

Using a massage chair means that you know your body well. Back when people relied on rear rollers or lower limb airbags, all they needed to have was a willing hand to help. Nowadays, with a massage chair, anyone can help themselves. However, the chair you choose must suit your height and girth and work without causing you problems.

The Osaki massage chair has gained popularity in recent years. The brand has earned customer trust, supplying other fitness equipment as well. Not only does the company promise the best technology it can offer, but it also provides products suiting the lifestyle of the target user. The following are four models of the Osaki massage chair designed to give you the most comfort and an otherworldly massage experience:

Osaki OS4000T

This chair has a zero gravity recliner and foot rollers. It provides a range of features, including a two-person seating design meant to provide equal weight distribution, improving your lung capacity. Using the chair helps up your lymph and blood circulation and ease sleeping problems. The chair comes with a scanning feature for the whole body that will identify problem areas and help you rest your spine well. It has an S design with rollers that will work on the spinal column and lower back.

Osaki OS4000T is perfect for people with acute back pain. It has five adjustable levels and over 40 airbags that deflate and inflate themselves to massage the whole body. Foot rollers on the chair have two reflexology massage rows that spin to knead the feet and massage your soles. They activate pressure points in the feet and work with airbags that offer compression massage.

OS 3-D Pro Dreamer

This chair has a new S track style and powerful rollers that have twin heads. It can be adjusted up to five levels of intensity. The chair combines intense and rigorous massage for the back and combines it with heat to alleviate acute pain. It has 48 airbags that provide compression massage for the arms, shoulders, feet, hands, hips, legs and calves. It is ideal for people with muscle and joint pain.

This model has a chromotherapy feature for relaxing your body with LED lights. It helps treat insomnia and other sleep disorders. It combines massage techniques such as rolling, kneading, Swedish massage, and tapping to rest the body after a long day.

OS Pro Maxim

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Other than an affordable price, this model has features like an L and S track that massage you from the neck to the glutes. It is ideal for easing chronic and acute pain in the back, thighs, and glutes. The model has a touch screen controller where you can see and regulate movements. It has 12 automated programs that deliver stretching, tissue recovery, spleen digest, and other general applications. This chair has functions that help it to serve any age group.

When picking a massage chair, consider what you need the most from it. Do you need it to help you rest after a long day? Do you want pain relief, and if so, where is the pain located? Answering these questions will set you on the path to getting a chair that you will love.

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