Will You Fight? (Follow Up)

I recently made the post, ‘Will You Fight?’ that was written by Dean Garrison about the attempt to outlaw firearms in America and whether we have a responsibility to fight if the government comes to take our guns away. The website D.C. Clothesline has Mr. Garrison’s follow up response to his original writing. It is posted below. As he states, please spread the message and let our fellow Patriots know that they are not alone!

“Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.” -Patrick Henry

About 45 days ago I wrote an article entitled “If They Come for Your Guns Do You Have a Responsibility to Fight?” At the time this article, from an obscure blogger, changed my world. Within days I had become part of something much bigger than I could have ever imagined. The post was featured on literally hundreds of websites, and to date has received millions of readers.

How did it happen? Well on January 3rd, people were still not saying what needed to be said and I suppose I was one of the first to say it. It is not about deer hunting and we are all covered by a second amendment which is about our rights to protect ourselves from tyranny. So I said it. If they come for your guns it is not only your right but your responsibility to fight. Yes, that includes firing upon them. It’s not about hunting deer. The second amendment is about hunting tyrants.

Since pushing the “publish” button, I have had literally hundreds of conversations with people who believe that tyranny is an unchecked virus within our own federal government. I get so many messages every day that I can literally not respond to all of them. So, today I want to talk about where we go from here.

It is a growing conception that we can not wait. While we sit and wait, our government continues an all out assault on our rights as free men and women of the United States of America. Many people believe that there is no peaceful alternative. Many people believe that we must organize and fight. Today I can offer no concrete set of actions but I do want to lay out some thoughts that I think need to be discussed.

First I need to tell you that I sincerely believe that the government is, in a twisted way, hoping that a small group of Patriots will organize and start a half-cocked rebellion. I think they realize that this can happen and also realize that it can strengthen their case for gun control. I would not put it past them to stage such an event.

I believe that a small, poorly planned rebellion will do us more harm than good. It will be easily suppressed and it will give the powers that be even more ammunition for a declaration of martial law. It is my belief that martial law, or a “police state,” is the end goal of this administration. You don’t have to look hard to see that they are preparing for it. As recently as two weeks ago the Reverend Jesse Jackson was even asking for it in his home town of Chicago.

We must understand that there are literally millions of people who have concluded that letters, petitions, peaceful demonstrations and elections are not working. They are in agreement that revolution is the only way to potentially fix this problem. But if a small group of 50 or even 500 people start the revolt, it is likely to go nowhere. We must develop a united front and we must go through proper channels. We can not skirt the law to try to uphold it.

The problem I see, once again, is the same problem that I witnessed 45 days ago. Everyone is waiting for someone to take the lead. So today I am going to offer to do that. With that said, I want to tell you that I am nothing more than a blogger. I don’t have any grand visions of being elected to any office. I am not a skilled military strategist. I am not an advanced “prepper” or survival expert. I am nothing special. I suppose the only thing truly special about me is that I am not afraid to speak my mind. I still understand that this is my God-given right as an American citizen.

I know full well that the first amendment in this country is currently an illusion. I know that writing this could get me arrested or killed. If you were to ask me if I was afraid I would simply answer that yes I am afraid, but I am more afraid of what will happen to our country if people do not begin to speak up.

I understand and follow the methods our current administration and lawmakers are using to take away our most basic rights. They can detain me indefinitely. If they choose to see me as an enemy of the state they can do worse. There will be no due process. It will not matter how many people support me. I can be made to disappear and become a non-factor. So why am I speaking about this?

Once again, it’s because someone has to. Until someone starts to speak of these things we have zero chance to change anything. We can’t fight the destruction of America with splintered cells of people who are afraid to raise their voices. We must be United. This is not negotiable.

I will not endorse an open attack (violent or non-violent) upon the federal government unless and until I feel like we have given them one last chance to represent us.

The first thing that “We the People” must do is set forth a list of our demands. This is our country. We need to pinpoint every change that we wish to see made and we must deliver these to the lawmakers. I am offering today to be that messenger. That is one thing that I can do, but I can not do it alone. I will need massive response. The only way that will happen is if this post goes viral like the post from 45 days ago.  I can not guarantee that will happen, but I can guarantee it will happen if millions of people are truly in support of this revolution. Time will tell.

If we get little response then I will assume that my theories are wrong. The people will decide. I’ve been wrong before. It would not be the first time.

Here is what I need. I need people to list executive orders and laws that are in violation of our constitutional rights (list everything in the comments below). We will be demanding that these laws and executive orders be repealed.

I need open discussion of what we need to do with the people currently in office. Do we call for new elections? Can we literally remove them all? We are talking about more than Obama here. We have to understand that many people have been compliant (Republicans and Democrats) with the policies and actions that we too easily credit to Obama. This is not a problem isolated to one person. My thought is that they should keep their jobs if they start to work within the framework of the constitution. But if they do not then we will have to forcibly remove them.

Make no mistake the constitution is the law of this land, not public opinion.

We need to discuss policies (foreign and domestic) and cabinet appointments as well. We need to literally make a list of everything that needs to change. We can’t expect everything to change immediately but we must address the issues that are important to freedom. We must list things that are constitutionally based. In other words, I don’t like everything about my government but my major concerns are the things that blatantly violate the constitution. I have to focus on these things and not merely on my opinions. Unless we can constitutionally support our arguments we have no credibility.

What I would like to do is first gather volumes of ideas and then start putting them into a format that we can use. We can’t just start shooting politicians. That will get us nowhere but dead or in jail. 

Let’s get our ideas out in the open. We will then gather again to vote on the constitutional relevancy of certain opinions before we submit them to the White House and both branches of our legislature. If they have our “constitutionally based” demands in print and choose not to respond in a manner that we feel conducive to change, then we will move forward to our only remaining option. It will be time bear arms against our government.

I feel like we have no grounds to call for the revolt until we first present our conditions to our elected officials.

I am simply offering to be the messenger but ultimately the success or failure depends on you. If this post falls dead in the water with 5 or even 50 comments then we are going nowhere.

This is the time for people of America to speak up if they really want to make changes in this government. Once we have all the terms and conditions ironed out we will formally petition our government. If that goes no where then we will look toward full use of our second amendment rights.

For now you must reject any new attempts to try to infringe on your second amendment rights and if you want to be involved in this “Think Tank” you must do three things for me:

  1. By all means I need to your ideas and comments below. Keep them constitutionally based. If you have no ideas or comments, at least let us know that you support us.
  2. I need you to join us on Facebook. Why is this important? Well did you notice that this is the first post on a brand new site? We have already been censored once and I need people to gather where we can inform them of developments.
  3. If you believe in this cause then you need to help us spread the word. Share it on your social networks or however you possibly can.

I will be watching the development of this post in regards to traffic and comments. I’m all in. I have made the offer. But again, if this ends up being a group of 5 or 50 people trying to push a revolution, we have nothing. The only way this works is if people unite right here and now. On an average blog post, it takes about 150-200 readers to generate 1 comment. If people can’t open their mouths this time then they will simply get what they deserve. I am putting myself out on a limb here. I will not fight for people who will not fight for themselves.

If you agree that this is the only way then you have to come out of hiding and get really loud now. You are allowed to disagree as well. This is America and I support your right to free speech. We have to know where we stand before we can make a decision to move forward.

“Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any bands of regular troops that can be, on any pretense, raised in the United States.” -Noah Webster

I put myself out on a limb once before and people responded. Make no mistake, this is a frightening place to be. I have three beautiful girls and twins on the way. I am afraid for my safety and theirs, but my biggest fear is that they will have to live with the results of an American public resolved to cowardice. America must wake up. Apathetic no more! We must do something.


There is a ton of great content on D.C. Clothesline so make sure to check them out and subscribe to get updates on new content via email.

25 thoughts on “Will You Fight? (Follow Up)”

  1. I support You one hundred percent I am tired of losing rights I want to keep My guns without restrictions I want freedom of religion and freedom to have insurance if I want not because the Goverment tells Me I have to. Freedom of choice No Religious Group should be told to support something They do not Believe in The taxes We pay should not be used for things like Abortion that We don’t Believe in if someone wants an abortion then they pay for it and it is between them and God I Believe in the 10 Commandments and I Believe that the constitution was based on them We have the God given right to Our Freedom I may not have said this well but I do support all of You and just for the record I am a 68 year old/young woman and am worried about what will happen to My Family in the future I have 4 Children 7 Grandchildren and 12 Great Grandchildren and also Step Grandchildren and Step Great Grandchildren so my worries are legitimate ones thank You

  2. Great letter
    Right on the mark, Follow our forefathers example and send a declaration of independence from tyranny
    I believe God will bless us only if we use up all the resources of peace and diplomacy.
    The entire world must see this article to make an impact, and
    our political leaders of today must be notified as were the British tyrannical monarchy machine of 1776.

  3. NDAA, patriot act, No drones in our sky’s, the mew law that allows secret service to declare “no free speach zones, cease and desist the attack on our second amendment. There are so many other things that need to be changed, but these are the laws I can think of.

  4. I agree with you, and the 4 other posts before me. I believe that we are losing our God given rights. We need stand for what we believe. An administration that condones thousands of childeren to be killed and does not even bat an eye, but uses the excuse of slaughtered children for gun control is not about saving children, but enslaving the masses. I am in line with Fay 100%

  5. I agree 100% with the clear thought out process for redress of grievences which you have presented. I see in our president, and those at his beck and call a callousness to the rule of law which has guided this nation for 240 (+or-) years. If standing up and adding my voice to yours gets me on a presidential hit list, so be it. I would rather die on my feet than die on my knees. I too have a family looking up to me for leadership and I want to be there for them. As far as illegal executive orders, you may want to go back to George Bush (son) as well. Executive Order 51, Homeland Security Directive Number 20. I don’t know all the executive orders Obama has signed but just do a google search,
    they are listed and many.


  6. Although I was politically active during VietNam, raising a family, working full time, etc., has resulted in a neglect of my civic duty…to be aware of and involved in what is going on in my country. I’m learning to shoot correctly and accurately; am getting involved in my community (especially Oathkeepers) and informing others of their responsibility to be an active, functioning member of society. God gave American forefathers and foremothers the ability to see what needed to be done. How dare anyone say our Constitution is “old and outdated”…that is just rhetoric for those who think THEY should control us. by the PEOPLE, for the PEOPLE…not the other way around.

  7. I felt compelled to respond. I felt it my DUTY to at least respond, and let you know, there are MILLIONS of Americans who feel EXACTLY as you do, who aren’t speaking out, for whatever reason. You’re right, the 1st amendment is even under severe attack by our government, so called intellectuals, and media. I wholly agree with your approach. The Declaration says to Americans that we, the people, can and must tolerate a whole line of abuses from our government. This is inevitable. However, when that list of abuses edges towards the breaking point, and indeed crosses that point, it is the right and RESPONSIBILITY for the people to “throw off” such government, and secure the republic. That is what WE THE PEOPLE are going to do here in this great country. We WILL restore this Republic. We are a nation of laws, not a nation of majority. While not quite reaching that breakpoint, the current regime in America is obviously hell bent on instigating action they can retaliate against, even to the point of staging terror attacks on its own soil in attempt to garner public sympathy for unconstitutional/tyrannical legislation. Beyond restoring law, we must engage in a campaign against the government’s brainwashing of our children in public schools and universities. American children are not educated on the simple fact that we are a Republic, and not a democracy. They aren’t educated on what real money is, as compared to fiat currency. They aren’t educated on their rights and responsibilities as citizens. This is all done ON PURPOSE. There is a blatant, open, and obvious agenda to rot the brain of our children. They KNOW they can’t just come take our guns. They know all about social engineering, and will use every tactic imaginable to mold our children’s minds into the shape they desire, a shape resembling Karl Marx. And Christians had better study their Bibles better. Render unto Caesar is the argument always lauded by fake pious Christians that are either too ignorant or apathetic to stand up for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (all three ideas expressed as fundamental to life on Earth even in the 10 commandments). Christians are supposed to be guardians of the Truth, and are to know their enemy, to stand up for what is right, to uphold God’s law, and not man’s. We were the founders of this country, and while many deists and atheists held positions of office early in America’s history, they recognized that the country was a nation of Christian people, and was founded on Christian principle, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Caesar, in America, is the US Constitution, and at its core, the Bill of Rights. Obama is not our Caesar. Nor is Congress, or the courts, or the police. The People are NOT Caesar either, thank the Lord. Again, to sum up, you have a lot more support than you realize. Please do not be discouraged by low view count, or comment number. Even if your idea doesn’t go “viral”.

  8. You can count me in. I commend you on your action its time. I am retired and have time not a whiz on a computer but I guess I’ll get better. I will start sending this every where I can and hope we get some much needed movement on it for I feel we are running out of time. Anything I can do to help please tell me I am in northeast Alabama and I have family up north I will get them on board also. I’ve been prepping on food for quite a while now and collect thing so I don’t need much to survive but can get extras. contact me its nice to have a starting point to take our country back. I served in the U S Army and U S Navy. We need all the Veterans we can get I see a lot of them I will put the word out as much as I can.

  9. The 2nd amendment has been infringed enough
    Decrease taxes decrease spending
    Stop borrowing money stop printing money
    Start paying down the debt
    No more baseline budgeting at the federal level
    No drones stop arming dhs
    Stop weakening our military (gays and women OUT-God and honor back in)
    Start strengthening our nuclear deterrent by increasing and testing the stockpile
    More aircraft carriers and ballistic missle submarines
    15 aircraft carriers and 30 ballistic missile submarines at see at ALL TIMES
    Start seeing muslims in the USA as the danger they really are
    Start being as intolerant of homosexuality as homosexuals are intolerant of those who dont tolerate accept and celebrate homosexuality
    No gay marriage
    Get control of the borders
    No amnesty
    Make laws to make em leave:
    No job no vote no house no apartment no car no drivers license and they will self deport

  10. I agree with the cause…I would like to see completely transparent government. Defense spending exceeds all of our allies combined.

  11. While I agree 100% with you, you have overlooked the one obvious flaw. By having this conversation via the internet/electronic means, anyone who responds will be flagged and and a dossier made within a couple of hours, thanks to our Fusion Centers around the USA. You will all be tagged and bagged before you ever begin.

    How do you plan to circumvent this outcome?

  12. I’m in!
    End the FED!
    Repeal ALL federal gun laws! “Shall not be infringed” means just that. The federal gov. is not allowed to limit guns in any way.
    The truth about the federal income tax.

  13. Well I dont use Facebook, so I’ll list my concerns here. 1. Property Rights – taxation of property perpetually,State and County taxes, dept of education and school districts taxing me for owning my home. I dont own it the government does.
    2. Free loaders being able to get grants for education and technical school while because I work and have my income taxed for those grants cannot recieve assistance nor can my children.
    3. Any restrictions on arms is an infringement. As Americans it is our birth right to have in our possession every terrible empliment of the soldier in order to preserve freedom and liberty from all enemies foreign or domestic.
    4. being forced to purchase auto insurance, being regulated through numerous restrictions on the roadways our taxes paid for. Speeding tickets, moving violations, etc. Licensing regulations and restrictions.
    5. Legislation that create criminals, family violence legislations, sex crimes, child support laws, all enacted to removes our rights to own a firearm and almost no evidence is needed to be convicted of any of these just the allegation. Thought crimes with the hate crimes legislation that is clearly one sided to condemn any white person who has an honest opinion or simply just speaks too much truth. I have more but thats the start of the list.

  14. The constitution was written to protect future generations and must be preserved i will talk with town officals to see if they will uphold them? please keep up the good work and may god watch your back. I agree that all peaceful methods must be exausted first.

  15. Oldnamvet, I agree with all u have stated and will support your effort. The time gas come for the people to let our elected officials know that they serve at our pleasure.

  16. Barracks Congress,the Senate and all their appointees.
    Reduce salaries of elected politicians and put a cap on their hirelings wages. Cut foreign welfare, UN bribes, aid to tyrants and the FED.

  17. Obamacare needs to go, I know the Supreme Court upheld it but theyve been wrong before. Continually funding our government through continuing resolutions as opposed to passing a budget. Any and all restrictions on firearms purchases, magazine sizes, and/or rifle attachments must cease and be repealed. Need for licensing firearms needs to go away. Im sure there are plenty of others but atm thats all I can think of. Be strong, stand up, FIGHT!!

  18. I believe in this cause wholeheartedly. There are a number of things that need to be done.

    First and foremost, we need to remind our “betters” that they are >b>NOT our betters, but OUR employees. Our Republic was never supposed to have a Political class as we now currently have. Our polititicians were supposed to be regular people that took a certain time off from their regular pursuits to give service in guiding the Nation and then return to their regular lives; as it is now, we have people that have never HAD regular lives, but have spent a lifetime in accruing political power to themselves and their associates.

    ALL FEDERAL Firearms Laws are, by definition, an infringement on the Second Amendment rights of the People.

    The Patriot Act and the NDAA must be repealed as of yesterday.

    The Affordable Healthcare Act must be repealed ASAP; it is neither Healthy nor Affordable.

    Polititicians should no longer receive a full pension after only one term in office,nor a special health care for them and not the People. They should serve no longer than Two terms as a Senator, or five terms as a Congressman. NO Pension afterwards. NO health care funded by the tax payers.
    No polititician should be allowed to act as a Lobbyist after their term is expired for a minimum of ten years after said expiration.
    No polititician should be allowed to raise their own salary or benefits, PERIOD.

    The Federal Reserve System should be abolished. It is UnConstitutional on it’s face and Congress has abrogated it’s responsibility in this area to what is essentially a private company.

    IF we decide to remain in the U.N.; we should drastically reduce our contributions to the organization; currently, we are funding 60+% of their basic funding and most of the members are inimical to our nation…Personally I believe we should get out of the U.N. and get the U.N. out of America.

    As you said in your first essay, if the government comes to confiscate our weapons it is our right, nay, our DUTY to resist to the point of killing those agents attempting the confiscation.

    Tom, you have my E-mail, please contact me if there is any way I can help in your effort.


  19. I am female 69 years young and have great-grandchildren that I would hate to know that they had to live in the new world order that is coming if we don’t stand up now and be counted to defend our Constitution and get all the corruption out of our Government. We need to make sure that elected officials live by the same standards as all other citizens. No free rides for anyone. No amnesty for illegal aliens. If they want to become citizens, get a green card and learn our language. Study and become citizens the legal way. No more press 1 for English.

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