Will There Be A Gun Ban?

There is plenty of speculation that there is at least a partial gun ban looming in America’s future. It seems that with the recent election, the timing would be right. The President does not have anything to lose if he pursues his true agenda. Violent crimes have been well publicized by the news media over the last couple of years. The rumors are flying that lawmakers are working to reinstitute an assault weapons ban and the administration of President Obama has given the United Nations the green light to lay the ground work for another attempt at the small arms treaty.

Does this mean that there is a gun ban on the way? NO

Is it possible that gun loving Americans could be threatened? YES

So what is the best thing to do to combat the threat of a gun ban? The answer is to keep moving along the path that we have and fight our way forward the best that we can. Here are some of the ways that I feel will continue to send the message that Americans will not lay down and accept limitations on our right to bear arms:

  1. Continue to purchase firearms and ammunition that are legal to purchase in the area which you reside.
  2. Encourage other citizens to take advantage of the right to buy and hold firearms as well.
  3. Join and support organizations such as the NRA (National Rifle Association) that fight for the rights guaranteed to the People of the United States under the Second Amendment.
  4. Contact your local lawmakers and voice the fact that you will not support any attempts by the government to limit the rights of the people to legally purchase and possess firearms.
  5. Spread the message to contact lawmakers throughout the country using a grassroots campaign. Take to social media, letter writing, telephone calls, rent a billboard, put on a sandwich board, or use whatever method will work best for you!
Keep fighting the good fight! At the end of the day, we still have the right to bear arms which puts the United States a far cry beyond the many countries across the globe that are forced to defend their loved ones and homes with sticks and frying pans. What will you do to make sure that America stays free?

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