What Is An Assault Weapon?

I thought that maybe I would try to find an exact definition of what an “assault weapon” was. Everywhere I look there are nothing but vague definitions of assault weapons and the more I look, the more mysterious the definition gets. The greatest offender…are you ready for it??? The United States Federal Government! Since the government creates a definition that can be altered to fit the circumstances and everyone else is either a government puppet or against any sort of limit on what kinds of firearms private citizens can own, I just decided to look at the dictionary. Here is what Merriam-Webster had to show me:

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Well…I guess everything should be illegal. If my children could assault someone with a pencil at school I guess they should be required to stay home. I mean we are just talking about pencils here. I shudder to think about what could happen on the playground or in music class.

I, like most Americans, have only done the right thing in my life folks. The government is still going to come after me because I believe in the right to keep and bear arms. With President Obama fresh off of his victory of fulfilling his promise to tax the rich, he is primed to try to accomplish another big victory.

Now is the time more than ever before to keep your finger on the pulse of America. If you have been on the fence about when is a good time or whether or not to make a firearm purchase, I would encourage you to approach this decision with urgency. The FBI reported a 45% increase in background checks for firearms purchases in December 2012 compared to December of 2011. Guns and ammunition are flying off of the shelves at a record pace. The last gun ban lasted 10 years. How long will a new gun ban be?

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