Things To Not Prepare For In America

Things To Not Prepare For In America

When it comes to survival and preparedness, we always talk about the different things to prepare for and how to prepare for them. Not today! I thought it might be interesting to examine some of the things that you likely won’t ever need to prepare for.


Here is my list of things that you’ll never need to prepare for in America:

  1. Free Assault Rifles Guns of Any Type – There is a loud enough segment of the country that unless something were to radically change, we will never have to worry about an entire country that believes in the right to bear arms. Of course, that also would require that people believe in the Constitution!
  1. A Debt-Free America – This just isn’t going to happen. We have a government that likes to spend money too much. If only the money we were borrowing was at least staying in the country…
  1. Unbiased Politicians – They all have an agenda. Plain and simple. It is the, what can I do to get re-elected or if I don’t, make at least as much money from my connections mentality that seems to rule Washington.
  1. Positive Changes to the Welfare System – We need a welfare system that requires beneficiaries to contribute labor or volunteer hours to the best of their abilities. Say what!?!? It might be a pipe dream but I believe that we all have something to contribute and just as I have to work for my pay, so should everyone else. Of course there is always the understanding that there will be some that have to be taken care of…but then again if everyone makes an effort, we can take care of one another.

FYI – I am not entitled to, nor do I get, more than someone else…even if I am a Caucasian male. I work for what I have and so can anyone else. If a person is not capable of working to support him or herself, then it is the responsibility of all of us to take care of them.

2Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ. 3If you think you are too important to help someone, you are only fooling yourself. You are not that important. 

Galatians 6:2-3

  1. Term Limits – I am pretty sure that giving politicians the option to make their public “service” a high profile and fiscally rewarding career results in a system where several career politicians turn into what would equate to criminal status…assuming that they were held to the same standards that us peasant folk are. Term limits could potentially curb this issue. We have a term limit for the president, why shouldn’t the same rules apply for everyone?
  1. Fair and Equal Representation – The restoration of public servants that represent the actual interests of the people who are accused of voting them into office would be great. I am not holding my breath.
  1. Equal Pay for Equal Work – I am not talking about women earning the same amount of money as men. People should be paid for results, not gender. This goes both ways. What I am talking about is that there is no need to pay our selected elected representatives for a full year to only show up to work in D.C. for a few months out of the entire year.
  1. Unbiased Media – Just like politicians, the media has an agenda and they all lean one way or the other. I am not saying that I don’t have my own belief system; I just don’t believe the media should be imparting theirs on me.
  1. A Secure Border – I have this crazy idea that if our nation’s military was not being watered down while simultaneously strewn about the world, we could actually secure the homeland. Currently, there are no plans that I have heard of to actually do this. I am sure that continuing to entice illegal immigrants with idea of amnesty is really slowing down the rates at which people are jumping across the border (between the actual border crossings of course).
  1. Respect – A society where people respect each other and decisions are made about people based on their character, talents, aptitude, and ethics would be a welcome change.
  1. Employment Based on Ability – It would be really great if there were employers who realize that just because I sat in class long enough to get a piece of paper, does not mean that I am the best person for the job. In the current setting, the associate’s degree of yesterday is the master’s degree of today. If things continue at this rate, a McDonald’s manager will need to have a doctorate.
  1. Objective Laws – When it comes to making policy, passing laws, and implementation of regulations, it seems like it would increase the chances of the sudden onset of everyone getting along if we all didn’t think that the deck was stacked against us.
  1. Generational Betterment – A generation that is all around better than the one that came before it. With each new generation, things continue to decline. The morals, values, ethics, beliefs, and pretty much everything that we once held dear continue to vaporize with every new birth.
  1. Homeland Security w/o the DHS – We should have a military that can actually stay home and protect our own country instead of someone else’s. I did mention this before but I feel that it is worth saying again.
  1. Tax Spending the Public Approves – A system that doesn’t use my tax dollars to fund ridiculous projects that only a very select group of people actually have an interest in. If so few people are interested in these projects then how is it that they get approved you ask? When one politician gets what they want in exchange for giving another politician what they want, pet projects get approved. This is how we end up with almost $400K of our tax dollars funding a study about how ducks continue to adapt to facilitate forced copulation (formerly called duck rape). Don’t believe me? Look it up. The study was titled, “Sexual Conflict, Social Behavior and the Evolution of Waterfowl Genitalia” and was led by Patricia Brenner, an assistant biology professor at Yale. God forbid we wasted the same money on preventing the rape of humans. It makes me shudder just thinking about it!
  1. Actually Eating the Food We Grow – Would anybody be willing to say I was wrong if we used the corn we grow in America to eat instead of dilute our fuel? It might actually contribute to the reduction of the amount of people who go hungry every day.
  1. Acceptance of Personal Defense – There is always someone who thinks that the right to defend my family, or myself, against attackers is wrong. Don’t even bring up the fact that many of these same people think that I should have to be concerned with being sued by the people, or their family, who committed an invasive crime against us.
  1. The Absolute Right to Travel Freely – I am not asking for there to be no laws to regulate the way that people drive. I am talking about the right to travel without having to worry about having my bags searched and my body groped. I get anxiety just thinking about what I will have to go through if I actually am forced to fly somewhere.
  1. Getting Rid of Animal Abuse Ads – It would be great if those animal abuse ads with the celebrities in them would just go away. I am against animal abuse also! I just don’t think that people should be speaking out against animal abuse when some of these same people think that it is ok to kill unborn children.
  1. Teachers That Teach Subjects, Not Tests – In an ideal world, teachers in our education system would prepare their students for life long learning. Isn’t this more beneficial than teachers that only prepare their students for the end of the year standardized testing?
  1. Support for Law Enforcement – I will be the first to say that I don’t care for all of the laws in America and I am even less fond of the way that some law enforcement officers go about their duties. With that said, we need to accept the fact that in more cases than not, our police officers are just doing their job and are not taking race, or any other discriminating factor, into consideration when carrying out their defending themselves against imminent threat.
  1. Reasonable Compensation for Public Servants – Is it right that a professional athlete that doesn’t even play in the game and just sits on the bench gets paid more for one season that only lasts for part of the year than a fireman that works all year? A police officer should not have to take on additional work on his days off to support his family. We SHOULD advocate for better treatment and compensation for our civil servants who put their lives on the line every day for us instead of supporting multi-million dollar salaries for the gang bangers in the NFL.
  1. Common Sense Environmental Policy – Not every person that ever cut down a tree wanted to clear-cut the forest. And just like we should not allow clear cutting, we should not just let the forests overgrow. We need to understand that thinning our forests is not as detrimental to the environment as letting them grow so thick that when there are fires, they burn completely to the ground. There has to be balance; not just with the trees but with the environment as a whole.
  1. Redesign of Social Programs – We should redesign “social programs” (welfare) so they don’t reward irresponsible humans for having more children to get more money. The military used to pay service members based on how many children they have but realized this was a mistake, so they stopped. Why can’t we do that with welfare? It is not like anyone is working for the money.
  1. Guns Don’t Kill People – It would be great if there were an awakening that embraces the point that guns do not kill people, people use guns to kill other people. Oh yeah, advertising with a sign that no one in the immediate area has any sort of weapon does not make that place safer. Criminals tend to take notice of such signs and select those places as targets.
  1. Made in America – Let’s promote things made here! What if the government got on board too? If we want the economy to get better, we need to keep our money within our borders. How does sending all of our money to China help us?
  1. Support Our Troops – I would like to see politicians and/or hippies that will just support the military instead of questioning what is happening 7,000 miles away. This is especially applicable when they have not served in the military during combat themselves. The saying, “If you can’t stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them” definitely applies here.
  1. Privacy and Personal Liberty – We don’t have a government that respects the privacy and personal liberty of its citizens and that is not going to change. It seems like America is about 20 years behind our European friends. If you look at what kind of domestic spying is going on in Europe right now, you know what to expect in a few years in the United States.
  1. Stopping Moral Decay – We are experiencing worsening moral decay in America on an epic scale. Just like tooth decay, once moral decay happens, there is no way to take it back. If we don’t stop the slide now, I truly fear what may come in the future.
  1. Shrinking Federal Government – These United States are designed by our founders to be governed as states and not as one big state. Our federal government is too big and reaches too far. Something should actually be done to reduce the government to a reasonable size. And not by firing half of the military! One place to start might be the number of slaves aides that our politicians have at their beck and call.

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  1. I’m afraid you’re right. None of those things are likely to happen so we don’t have prepare for them. On the other hand we can support those who support such ideas.

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