The Post-Barackolyptic Arsenal!

There is a movement to disarm Americans that is sweeping the country. Politicians everywhere are proposing an insane amount of legislation that will limit the rights of law abiding citizens. Ammunition is as scarce as Sasquatch. The Vice-President himself is advocating that women urinate or vomit on themselves to avoid attackers instead of defending themselves with a weapon equal to what the criminals are bringing to the fight.

Those that do have ammunition for their guns are not shooting it because it can’t be replaced and the government is threatening to limit future purchases of ammo or even place serial numbers on individual bullets to account for the what the “homegrown terrorists” (aka anyone who is not a Socialist) happens to be shooting. So what can be done? Aside from finding ways to increase current production in ammunition and firearms plants, the single best course of action that a liberty-minded individual can take is to obtain what is available. Enter the Post-Barackolyptic Arsenal!

 What is a Post-Barackolyptic Arsenal?

There are a few weapon systems that are readily available today, as is the ammunition for these firearms. Purchase of these weapons and ammunition will allow the interested person in avoiding shortages if a weapons ban was to pass through a state or the federal government. The following groups of firearms and ammunition are ripe for the buying:


It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a 12, 20, or .410 gauge there are shotguns in abundance at many a sporting goods store near you. Semi-Automatic, pump action, or single shot models are all useful and can be found new starting at about $150 and in used condition start at about half of that, depending on the local market. Pawn shops can be a great place to pick up this versatile weapon. Just make sure that you do your research when shopping for a used firearm.

As far as ammunition for shotguns is concerned, even the grocery store is fully stocked* on just about every type of round you could want; bird shot, buck shot, and slugs alike.

*Shotgun ammo is widely available right now. If a weapons ban is passed, it is likely that this situation will be reversed. If you are a shotgun owner, consider purchasing a hefty supply of the rounds you use now while they are easy to get.


The .17 HMR is a rifle that is in stock almost everywhere firearms are sold. The ammo is sitting on the shelves gathering dust even as crowds swarm around the store shelves waiting to see if anything magically appears from the stock room. While not useful for big game, the .17HMR is a great substitute for a .22 during this “crisis” time. If you do not have a plinking or varmint gun and are thinking about getting one, consider the .17HMR.

There are also a variety of other caliber rifles that are standards for hunting which can be easily obtained still. The ammunition for such rifles while typically expensive, are not currently in any state of scarcity.


This is where is starts to get tricky. There is mixed availability of handguns across the nation. While there is a good chance that you can find a decent handgun, whether you get your first, second, or third choice remains to be seen. Where it really starts to get rough is when you need ammunition for your handgun. A national shortage of epic proportions is in place on all handgun ammo. If you can find some in the same caliber as the firearm that you own, buy it! Do not hesitate. Pull out your wallet and kindly ask the salesperson what the maximum number of boxes that their establishment will allow you to purchase at this time and then buy that number. If a spouse, friend, or adult child is present with you then ask them to purchase this same amount as well if it is available.

*A particular area that I have noticed being more available than others is revolvers, both in the availability of the actual gun and ammo in the .38 Special and .357 calibers. While not a high capacity handgun, a revolver tends to be highly reliable and there is something to be said about having a gun that you can actually purchase ammunition for.

Air Rifles

While not typically used for any purpose other than recreation or competition, there is a slice element of air rifle users who hunt small game with them. A good air rifle can cost anywhere from about $150 to $300 but the pellets that these weapons shoot are extremely affordable. Most air rifles come in either .177 or .22 caliber making them useful for a variety of tasks. Some of the small game that gets taken with these rifles include rabbits, squirrels, and small birds. There is a very good article by Randy Mitchell about Small Game Hunting With Airguns. If you take the time to read Randy’s article, make sure to follow the link included to Dr. Beeman’s article on Field Use of an Airgun that includes some great graphics on selecting the proper caliber of air rifle for hunting.

While most will read this article and think that I am crazy for recommending such an eclectic group of weapons, I would like to be clear in the fact that this is what is readily available now. My hope is that no firearms will be outlawed, ammunition will be readily available, and the government will uphold the God given rights of Americans. However, if that does not happen, the Post-Barackolytic Arsenal could be the answer!

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  1. yea well the vp is a complete nincompoop anyone that takes more than 4 times to pass the bar exam should not be held accountabile for other peoples saftey hopefully after the advice he gave his wife she gets arrested

    • Keith,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Your interaction is greatly appreciated. I wish you had been more specific with your comment. I am not sure which round you were referring to that carries a cost of $2 each. The purpose of the article was to merely point out some of the firearms and associated ammunition that is readily available even during this time of political turmoil. Thanks again.


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