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Survival Sunday – 6/28/2015

In this weeks edition of Survival Sunday: Bacon, Beans & Rice, Monthly Purchases, Powdered Milk, Living w/o Water, Fast Growing Vegetables, Bucket Food Storage and 2 more.

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Survival Sunday

This was a big week for a number of reasons; none of them seem to be helping get the United States back on track to being a great country. I have been losing hope for a number of years now about the direction that things are heading in America and I can’t help feeling like things are only getting worse. I will cease with my rant, but only for now though.

As far as how things went for me personally this week, they could be a lot worse. I enjoyed spending some time with my family (my favorite thing to do) and also got the chance to get a few things in order around the house. I also got a great new book titled ‘The Hunting & Gathering Survival Manual‘ which I am very excited about. My wife and I also got to go out on a date which we do not get to do often. Thanks mom for watching the kids!

Now on with the show!

Here are my favorites of what I found this week:

Makin’ Bacon: How To Dry Cure Pork Belly – I love bacon. It is a great thing. Here is a step-by-step on how to make your own bacon. This could be a useful skill during good times and bad.

What Is The Cost Of 5 Gallons Of Beans And Rice? – A look at the current cost of putting away rice and beans.

10 Preparedness Items You Should Be Buying Every Month – Prepping doesn’t have to be hard and the practice of making regular purchases makes things even simpler.

Make The Most Of Powdered Milk Food Storage – Storing powdered milk is a great way to ensure that you have milk as part of your long term plan. I don’t know much about powdered milk but this article cleared things up a little for me.

Living Without Running Water: A Practical Guide – Not only practical, this is a by the numbers look at what water requirements a family of six has and how they plan on meeting those requirements.

Growing Fast Food In The Garden – Not that type of fast food of course but fast when it comes to gardening anyway. I am not much of a gardener but I have been able to grow a few things in my day. There are several varieties of vegetables here that grow relatively quickly. This is good information if you find yourself needing short turnaround vegetables at your own hand.

The UBER Guide To DIY Food Storage With Mylar Bags, O2 Absorbers, And Buckets! – A plethora of information on putting your own food storage together.

Cash After The Collapse: Maximizing Your Bartering Potential – A different look at barter; items that should not be bartered and how to deal with the actual exchange.

We Prepare For Survival But Is It The Main Thing? – All about keeping the main thing, the main thing on our way to the train wreck looming on the horizon.

That’s a wrap for me this week. As always, I hope that you all have had a great week and keep getting ready for tough times. It seems like we get closer every day to something bad happening. Unfortunately, it does not always seem like natural disasters are the biggest threat to us anymore.

If you found something that you would like to share with the group or have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at tom@thepreparedninja.com.

Come back next week for another edition of Survival Sunday.

Infographic: The Lowdown On Water Storage

The folks over at Food Insurance recently shared an infographic with me about the do’s and don’ts of water storage that they thought you might be interested in. It is worthwhile to spend a few minutes going over it and considering where you are with your own water storage.

Lowdown on Water Storage Infographic

Food Insurance – Your Freeze Dried Food Storage Source

Friday Survival Scoop

It’s Friday again and here is another batch of some of the tasty tidbits of survival and preparedness that the web had to offer this week. Check out these articles on the state of global food reserves, the pros and cons of popular water storage containers, knife care and maintenance, and signaling considerations for your vehicle emergency kit.

Global Food Reserves Have Reached Their Lowest Level In Almost 40 Years by Michael Snyder on Alt-Market

This article expounds upon the increasing global food crisis and highlights the fact that food consumption throughout the world for six out of the last eleven years has exceeded production. The end state has been the lowest level of global food reserves in almost four decades. Forecasters are also saying that if the trend continues, the world’s food supply is only one event away from global disaster and chaos. There is also a great quote included from the world bank that is eye-opening.

Pros and Cons of Popular Water Storage Containers on Food Storage and Survival

After surveying readers on what storage containers they use for water, Food Storage and Survival compiled the results and now are discussing some of the pros and cons of the different containers. The water storage containers discussed include gallon jugs, water bottles, refilled PETE bottles like 2 liter soda bottles, 5 gallon hard plastic jugs, 30-55 gallon drum, waterbrick, water bladder, and even cover emergency water boxes and pouches. The author also mentions the fact that they live in a “super small” house and lists the combination of water storage containers that they use.

Knife Care and Maintenance by FerFAL on The Modern Survivalist

This is half article and half YouTube video from one of the best known proponents of modern survivalism, Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre. The title says it all though, knife care and maintenance. A knife is a tool. It is a tool that could save your life some day though so make sure to maintain your knife/knives. For those who are not familiar with FerFAL, he is a native Argentinian and lived through the economic collapse that occurred in 2001 in his home country. This makes him and all of his writings, interviews, videos, and other resources that he had created incredibly valuable because his is a voice of experience.

Signaling Considerations for Your Vehicle Emergency Kit by Bryan Black on ITS Tactical

This is a great piece on some of the different possibilities that are available for signaling in the event of a vehicle emergency. Bryan Black from ITS not only covers some of the options that you may want to keep in your vehicle emergency kit but also recounts some of the requirements that every driver should look at when considering these options. On a side note, if you are not familiar with the work of Bryan Black or ITS Tactical, take a few minutes to look around the site. I am sure that you will find at least a few more interesting and useful tidbits. One of my favorites is Skilcraft – Pen of the U.S. Government.

Did you spot another great preparedness related article this week on the web? Post a link in the comments section and share it with everyone else!


Eight Things to Consider Prior to November 6th

The next two months are a questionable time for the United States. The general election in November will make some Americans happy and will also upset many Americans, regardless of who wins. What is absolute is that the upcoming Presidential election will change America for the good, the bad, or otherwise. In light of the chaos, implications, theories, conspiracies, rumors, truths, or lies there are some things that absolutely must be considered. Take a look at these eight areas:

1. Consider Purchasing Firearms  – It seems safe to assume that with the highly publicized shootings that have occurred this year, if President Obama gets re-elected, there will likely be a big push to outlaw certain types of firearms on more than a state level. It seems that it could be possible, if not probable.

2. Stockpile Ammunition (There May Be Legislation Limiting Types/Quantities of Ammunition) – There is nationwide fear that the government may go after American’s ability to purchase ammunition as an alternate or perhaps even an additional means of gun control. By stockpiling ammunition now, you have the ability to avoid this possibility and even if restrictions do not come along, it is likely that ammunition prices are likely to go up regardless of who gets elected.

3. Diversify Investments – Obtain precious metals while they are easily accessible and able to be purchased. The government has interfered with private citizens and our ability to purchase or even hold certain quantities of precious metals in the past. Now would be a good time to make these purchases before restrictions come along. It is possible that the future could  also bring a registry or other means of tracking who is holding precious metals so making these purchases now will avoid this possibility.

4. Calculate water storage needs and stockpile all necessary water for you, your loved ones, and anyone else who may be reliant upon you for their survival. Recent government interference in Oregon has resulted in individual citizens without water rights on their own property.

5. Determine the appropriate amount of long-term food storage needed for you, your loved ones, and anyone else who may be reliant upon you for their survival. It seems likely that there will be limits imposed on the amount of supplies that can be stockpiled by one family or in one residence. The recent introduction of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) includes wording that determines that citizens who participate in the act of storing food or medical supplies could possibly be terrorists. Just to be clear, this does include Americans.

6. If you have the ability to keep cash on hand, do so. If there is a run on the banks as a result of concerns about the economy or banking system, it could be impossible to get access to any cash. During this same period of time, it is likely that credit and debit cards will be worthless because business owners will realize that if the banks are not giving customers their own cash that they will not likely give businesses the money either.

7. Build a medical kit for your home, car, office, bug out location, camper, and any other location that you determine to be necessary. The country is in a volatile state right now and part of being able to deal with this is having the ability to handle a medical emergency. Don’t forget that a medical kit is almost worthless without the proper training on how to use the contents of the kit.

8. With the full-scale implementation of “Obamascare” on the way, I feel that it is imperative that every single American gets a complete copy of their medical records. My prediction is that the introduction of socialized medicine to the United States will cause several doctors to either retire, go into a different line of work, or close their private practice and go somewhere else. Any one of these options will increase the chances that medical records will be lost and is records are lost the process for any medical treatment would need to be started over…if it is even allowed under Obamacare.

These are a few things that I could think of that warrant serious consideration by everyone over the next two months. I feel that the elections will drastically chance the direction of the country. I am hoping for the better. Please add a comment if there is something that you can think of that should be added to the list of things that must be done before the sixth of November!