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Survival Sunday – 3/8/2015

Survival Sunday

The saying goes, “another day, another dollar” and it has been another week so I guess that makes it seven dollars. I am not sure that my wife will lend me that kind of money though so I may have to make due. (Just a little marriage humor!) My week was busy with work and I didn’t really get a chance to do much else. For those of you who have been keeping my son in your prayers, it is appreciated. He is doing better overall but is still struggling a bit. It is in the Lord’s hands at this point but thank you for your support.


As busy as I have been. rarely does a day go by that I am not on my computer for something. Even if it is to only check my email. So of course I ran across a few things that I thought would be worth sharing with you. Here’s what I found:

The Art Of Blending In: 5 Tips From A Counterintelligence Special Agent – We all have those moments where we feel like every person in the room is looking at us. Here are five things to consider if you would like to avoid standing out and blend in better.

How To Build Your Own Survival Team – This is a great post about putting together a team for survival. This covers all the basics and then some!

If You’re Spending Money To Prep You’re Doing It Wrong! – This is an interesting and well thought out take on preparedness priorities. There is a lot of truth contained here and highlights the fact that regardless of how much money you throw at an issue, it can’t cover everything.

How To Make A Rice Filled Heating Pad – This is a great item! We have some similar bags that were sewn with love by Grandma and they get used all the time. We heat ours in the microwave and they just as easily be thrown in the freezer if you would like to use it as an ice pack replacement.

5 Reasons Homesteaders Fail – I have a dream of one day having a homestead to call my own. This seems to be a common dream for preppers and those who just wish to have a place to call their own with little outside interference. These tips are great for those who share my dream.

50 More Items You Forgot To Put In Your Bug Out Bag – You may or may not have forgotten to put these items into your bug out bag. Either way, this is a good list. Don’t miss out on the first 50 items you forgot to put in your bug out bag.

Thats it for me this week! Keep doing what needs to be done to ensure that you are prepared for as much as you can be. If you found something that you would like to share with the group post it in the comments or email me at tom@thepreparedninja.com.

Come back next week for another edition of Survival Sunday.

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The Word On The Web

Well I slacked off a little this week on the blog but here a few things from around the web…

Corn for Food, Not Fuel – From The Daily Sheeple

It is not often that a stroke of a pen can quickly undo the ravages of nature, but federal regulators now have an opportunity to do just that. Americans’ food budgets will be hit hard by the ongoing Midwestern drought, the worst since 1956. Food bills will rise and many farmers will go bust.

A retired U.S. Army colonel who now teaches modern warfare to soldiers at the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. has co-written an article with a Civil War expert that has ignited a firestorm today among those increasingly concerned about what some say is a distinct anti-civilian tone that has infected much of the military and Homeland Security since 2009.

Former CIA General: Martial Law Expected And “Warranted” – From Alt-Market

Lt. General William Boykin (retired) told TruNews Radio Tuesday that the U.S. economy of the United States “is just about the break” and collapse.  And when the dam gives way, severe food shortages and pervasive violence throughout America will warrant, in his opinion, an executive declaration of martial law.

Ten Unconventional Additions to Your Emergency Medical Kit – From Ready Nutrition

Okay, I am sure you all have a medical kit to be proud of, you’ve got all the bandages, the slings, the ointments and creams, but sometimes, just sometimes, the most mundane items can make life simpler, especially if you need to move fast, or find yourself in a situation where you need to improvise, or, the stuff you have just isn’t right for the job in hand. Here are a few ideas, and examples of what to use them for.

Stockpiling and Replenishing – From SurvivalBlog

As a U.S. Army Battalion Logistics Officer, it became very evident to me that at some point my stockpile of parts, petroleum products, uniforms, etc. would eventually run out, and I needed a way to replenish those stockpiles during steady-state operations.  A total collapse situation would unfold in much the same way as a deployment of a military unit would in regard to an interrupted supply chain.  Initially, you have no logistics network and you need to rely entirely upon your stockpiles brought with you or kept in your secure location.

Resilient Life Groups – From PeakProsperity

We’ve created Groups to help you connect with, collaborate with, and learn from like-minded others.

Note that there are two types of Groups:

  • Local Groups: Find people geographically near you who can help you with your preparations.
  • Interest Groups: Join online communities dedicated to a specific topic, passion or skill.

I hope that some of these specific links are helpful to you or at a minimum provided a new resource for preparedness information.

If you have a preparedness link that you rely on to make sure you are ready for anything, please share it with us!