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There is one absolute truth when it comes to traumatic injuries…all bleeding eventually stops. That also happens to be the title of my latest article on Personal Liberty Digest. If time allows, head on over and check it out.

Special Operations Forces-Tourniquet (SOF-T)

Why is Big Brother Hitchhiking???

Photo Credit: prisonplanet.com

I am sure that many have heard by now that the TSA has flown the coop and taken to the highways.  It makes me think of those signs that say “PRISON AREA DO NOT PICK UP HITCHHIKERS.”  I think a new sign is needed now though.  It should read, TSA AREA DO NOT PICK UP PEDESTRIANS IN BLUE SHIRTS.  What is unbelievable to me is that our country has gotten to the point that no one can travel anywhere without fear of some type of illegal search.  What ever happened to needing probable cause to conduct a search anyway?

The TSA is setting up these Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) teams to “augment”, to me that reads as supervise or brainwash, local as well as county and state law enforcement agencies in the detection of terrorist activities on the nation’s highways, railways, waterways, and who knows what other ways.  I had already gotten to the point where I no longer wish to fly anywhere unless there is no other alternative but this has got me wondering about traveling anywhere.  The searches of course started with semi-trucks and large vehicles that are required to stop at weigh stations but how long will it be before they start setting up check points at rest areas?  It might be legitimate.  You know terrorists have to pee too.  From the feedback I have seen though there have been no arrests made other than some minor drug offenses at these VIPR check points.

Do you know what else is great about all this additional “anti-terrorism” activity?

1. It costs our country a whole bunch of extra money that we have to borrow from China.

2. Our government gets even bigger with every such operation and expansion of their self-imposed power.

3. It encourages people to report activities that they see going on that they do not like whether they are truly a threat or not.  This in turn bogs down the system taking police assistance away from those that need it.  It also gives the government justification to expand their operations because they are obviously working based on the high number of reports that are being made.

4. Every time WE, the AMERICAN PEOPLE, let such additional activities occur in the name of whatever, we are sacrificing our personal liberty and the right to do what we want and when we want to do it in our own country.

5. IT PISSES ME OFF!  Have you seen some of the pictures of the searches that the TSA is conducting on children?  What makes it even worse is that these kids parents are letting it happen.  I can’t even type here what I would do if someone said they wanted to search my child.  If anyone else was touching a child like this they would have to register every time they moved.

I would encourage anyone who happens to enjoy being able to get in the car and go visit family during the holidays, or to go on vacation, or to even just take a trip to the lake without being “randomly” searched to speak out and let the government know that you are not ok with all this crap that they call security.  It is an invasion of privacy and violates the rights that we are losing because we are not standing up for them!