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10 Survival Lessons Learned In Combat

There is a new article I authored titled, 10 Survival Lessons Learned In Combat that is available to read on PersonalLiberty.com. I took the time to share a few points that can increase your chances of survival during difficult times based on my experiences in combat. It has received positive feedback and should be worth your time to check out.

New Article on Personal Liberty Digest

There is one absolute truth when it comes to traumatic injuries…all bleeding eventually stops. That also happens to be the title of my latest article on Personal Liberty Digest. If time allows, head on over and check it out.

Special Operations Forces-Tourniquet (SOF-T)

Pack A Kit And Save A Life

There is a new article up on Personal Liberty Digest that I authored about blow out kits. The article covers what a blow out kit (BOK) is, why you need one, and what to put in it. Check it out and if you have any suggestions or remarks please leave a comment. Click on the picture below to go straight to the article.

There is also a great article on the breakdown of justice in America.

Planning An Evacuation

If you get the chance, there is a great article about planning an evacuation on Personal Liberty Digest. I will confess that I am a bit biased in that I am the one that wrote the article! Never the less, there is some decent information that should be considered in the event that you find yourself in the position that you must evacuate a threatened area. By the way, you should think about an evacuation now…far before you may ever need to evacuate. While you are over there, take a look at the other content that is available. There are some great articles on a variety of different subjects that can be helpful with getting prepared.