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BBQ’s, Fireworks, & Baseball

I know, what an odd title for an article on a preparedness blog but I promise I will make it relate. (Bonus fact – I love BBQ, fireworks, and baseball.) Most of the country is preparing for the big celebration next week by readying parades, festivals, and all the security measures that go along with them. It is such a weird time in America right now when there has been such a seismic shift in the militarization of the police forces, the way we look at the risk of terrorism, and perhaps even the way we look at each other. I feel like what used to be ok, no longer is and what was once incomprehensible has become quite popular.

I truly believe that we still live in the greatest country in the world. I know that there are many parameters that the government likes to highlight as areas where we are failing; education and healthcare as examples. While this is very true in some regards, we still have more freedom (at least those freedoms that matter in my opinion) than anywhere else you can go in the world. (I don’t believe that freedom has anything to do with the government providing clean needles for drug users as an example.) We can still for the most part, say what we want, own firearms, do what we want, live where we want, and own what kind of car or house we desire. It is apparent that based on recent government activity that some of these liberties may be eroding.

For me, this makes it vital that steps are taken now, while they are still legal and items are still available, to secure my family’s and my future. This means a lot of things. It means getting out of debt, finding a place to call home that I own, storing up food and water, obtaining the tools necessary to survive on my own, and most of all, learning and sharing skills with others to be ready for difficult times. All to the best of my ability.

Now I guess I better bring things back around to my article title. We are officially a week away from the annual celebration of our country’s independence and that can only mean a couple of things: bbq’s, fireworks, baseball, and Black River Outpost’s 4th of July sale. My friends over at Black River Outpost have not only put a bunch of their items on sale but they have also made shipping FREE on all orders from now until Friday, July 4th. This provides a prime opportunity to make a shift towards personal independence in your personal lives at a great savings. I hate to make this post sound like a commercial but I am absolutely concerned about the ways things are going and the opportunity to secure the items we need for survival NOW is the only way to ensure you have them when they are needed. There are a number of items that can help you accomplish your survival goals at Black River Outpost and it would be a shame to miss out on the discounted prices AND free shipping (this can be a huge savings). Check out the Black River Outpost 4th of July sale here.

75 Reasons To Prepare

There are many reasons to make the effort to be prepared. The driving force behind many preppers is the hope that if something happens, they and their family/close friends will be better off than if they were not to make such efforts. With that being said, what event(s) should you focus on being prepared to survive? Below are 75 reasons that should be considered when you decide what your greatest risks are and what you should tailor your preparedness efforts towards. While this may not be every reason to prepare, it should at a minimum provide a good foundation to get started with. Note: They are numbered as a means of keeping track of the different reasons and not because they are in any order of significance or preference.

75 Reasons To Prepare

  1. Earthquake
  2. Flood
  3. Wildfire
  4. Power Outage
  5. Structure Fire
  6. Financial Collapse
  7. Societal Collapse
  8. Riots
  9. Tsunami
  10. Nuclear Reactor Meltdown
  11. EMP
  12. Acts Of Terror
  13. Acts Of War
  14. Flu Pandemic
  15. Plague
  16. Food Shortage
  17. Disruptions In Supply Chains
  18. Government Imposed Rationing
  19. Civil Unrest
  20. Coronal Mass Ejections/Solar Flares
  21. Government Imposed Furloughs
  22. Martial Law
  23. Tornado
  24. Hurricane
  25. Unemployment
  26. Permanent Disability
  27. Temporary Disability
  28. E. Coli
  29. Contaminated Water Sources
  30. Oil Spill
  31. Disease Outbreak
  32. Contaminated Medication Supplies
  33. Government Shut Downs
  34. Financial Depression
  35. Drought
  36. Heat Wave
  37. Currency Inflation/Devaluation
  38. Internet Crash/Outage
  39. Bank Run
  40. Taxation
  41. Blizzard/Snow Storm
  42. Population Spikes
  43. Medication Resistant Infection
  44. Modified Strains of Disease/Illness
  45. Industrial Accident
  46. Military Coup
  47. Sudden Changes In World Leaders
  48. Skyrocketing Commodity Prices
  49. Cyber Terrorism
  50. Terminal Illness
  51. Government Regulation
  52. Ammunition Shortages
  53. Pollution
  54. Loss Of A Loved One
  55. Elections
  56. Gas Leak
  57. Unavailability Of Emergency Services
  58. Meteor
  59. Lawsuit
  60. Genetically Modified Foods
  61. Volcano
  62. Avalanche
  63. Hail Storm
  64. Animal Disease Outbreak
  65. Crop Decimation
  66. Hazardous Material Incident
  67. Infrastructure Failure
  68. Labor Strikes/Disputes
  69. Lightning Storms
  70. Landslide
  71. Transportation Disaster
  72. Famine
  73. Ice Storm
  74. Save Money(Buy In Bulk/Buy Now=Savings on the future cost of goods.)
  75. Avoid being in a position of regret later, “It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.” ~Anonymous

What are you prepared to survive?

Please leave a comment if you have any others reasons that you prepare…