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Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Thanks to Sturm, Ruger & Company, voicing opposition to firearm restrictions and additional gun laws has never been easier! Ruger has created a ‘Take Action’ page that allows individuals to email their elected representatives including the President, Vice-President, Senators, Representatives, Governor, State Legislators, and the State Attorney General in three easy steps. There is a message that Ruger has prepared or the sender can customize their message.

The Ruger message is:

Dear (Recipient),

I am a law-abiding citizen and responsible gun owner.

I am saddened by the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut, but I believe that efforts to impose new restrictions on me and other lawful and responsible owners like me are misguided. Did you know that violent crime with firearms has declined since the Federal “assault weapons ban” expired in 2004?

Your focus should be on strengthening mental health care and improving the quality of data supporting NICs checks (National Instant Criminal Background Check System). Do NOT pass more gun laws; instead, work to enforce the more than 20,000 gun laws already on the books.

I am your constituent and I vote. Please represent me.

(Your Contact Information)

It took me less than 30 seconds to email all of my elected officials following the instructions provided here. If you are interested in standing up for what you believe, email the elected officials who are representatives of WE, the people.

The direct link to the Ruger, Take Action page is: http://www.ruger.com/micros/advocacy/takeAction.html

America…Where Everything Is For Sale!!!

So I was surprised to learn today that some of the wonderful elected officials in our country actually think it is a good idea to trade resident status in our country for a small investment.  It seems as though Sens. Charles Schumer (D., N.Y.) and Mike Lee (R., Utah), proposed a piece of legislation that would allow foreigners to earn a resident visa for investing $500,000 in American real estate.  The broad strokes can be viewed in the Wall Street Journal article.  Read the article just so you know what the circus on Capitol Hill is up to.  If you care for OUR country even a little bit, keep an eye on these clowns before they are able to sell any of it.  If for some reason this legislation does go somewhere make sure to write, call, email, or send smoke signals to your elected representatives and tell them they will be fired if they support such lunacy.  Do our lawmakers not realize that the people that we do not want in America more than anything are going to be the ones that can afford to spend half a million dollars to infiltrate the U.S.?  I just wish that I was surprised.