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The Ultimate Survival Vehicle

Have you ever wanted to ford a river in your RV? Or perhaps something less exciting like driving up the side of a snow-covered mountain? It is possible and it also could be features of the ultimate survival vehicle…

Enter the EarthRoamer! Half luxury camper and half ultimate, go anywhere and do anything off-road vehicle.

So what makes the EarthRoamer the ultimate survival vehicle?

  • The EarthRoamer runs on a diesel engine platform that not only results in the fuel being more stable but there is the option of running a 20% Biodiesel and 80% Standard Diesel Fuel mix without any modification to the vehicle.
  • Solar capability allows the user to power devices from the vehicle no matter where you find yourself. The standard solar capacity of this vehicle is 660 watts with up to 1.1 kiloWatts being available on some models.
  • The one piece composite body is built to last and will mitigate the chances of environmental intrusions into the camper.
  • There are no special licensing requirements to operate an EarthRoamer Expedition Vehicle. Anyone that is capable of driving a full size pick-up can drive an EarthRoamer.
  • Features on the EarthRoamer models include some military grade components that add to the durability and reliability of the vehicle.
  • There are almost limitless options in the size and capacity of these vehicles. The EarthRoamer XV-HD is available in 24 different lengths providing an option that will work for anyone.
  • Built in HVAC systems provides heat and air conditioning off the built-in solar and diesel systems for extended periods of time.
  • This is the coolest and most comfortable monster truck ever!

Obviously this is not an all-inclusive list and some users may find value in features that others do not appreciate. When it comes to bugging out or surviving in a vehicle, there is not a better choice.

This is an excerpt from the EarthRoamer website that makes a couple of good points:

Owners of EarthRoamer Xpedition Vehicles have the freedom to travel, camp and explore on their terms. Gone is the expense and hassle of airline travel and onerous TSA policies. Gone are the hassles of preplanning where you will stay each night and making expensive hotel reservations. Do you want to bring your pets with you, eat the foods that you like and sleep in your own comfortable bed each night? – no problem when you travel in an EarthRoamer.

I especially like the idea of not dealing with the TSA!

Check out video of the EarthRoamer models in action:

*Please not that the Jeep model of EarthRoamer is not in production. It was a concept that was slated for production but was cancelled because of the Wrangler platform not being available with a diesel engine.

The capabilities of the EarthRoamer models are almost endless…as long as your budget can accommodate the cost, which starts at about $260,000 and can reach $500,000. That is a pretty penny! Actually more like 50,000,000 pennies but who is counting? The good news is that for those that can tolerate the idea of a pre-owned EarthRoamer, one can be found on consignment that has been gone through by the factory starting at the low price of $139,000.


The EarthRoamer models boast some impressive capabilities…



Overall Vehicle Dimensions


8.5 feet

8.0 feet


12.6 feet

11.0 feet


19.7 – 38.8 feet

22.6 – 27.5 feet

Load Capacity


26,000 pounds

19,500 pounds

Camper Interior Dimensions

Bunk Area Interior Height

3.0 feet

2.8 feet

Camper Stand-up Height

7.0 feet

6.3 feet

Camper  Length

15.3 – 32.5 feet

15.3 – 19.3 feet


Cab Seating

2-6 adults

2-6 adults

Camper Seating

4-10 adults

4-6 adults


4-6 adults

2-4 adults



46 inches

41 inches


17.6 inches

12.4 inches

Tire Load Rating

12,300 pounds

6,779 pounds

Base Truck





Ford Power Stroke


6.7 turbo

6.7 turbo


Inline 6



360 hp

300 hp


800 foot pounds

660 foot pounds


Allison 2500

Ford Torque Shift



100-145 gallons

40-90 gallons


1.1-2.2 kilowatts

.66 -1.1 kilowatts


12.6-25.3 kilowatt hours

6.3-12.6 kilowatt hours


100-250 gallons

85-135 gallons

Hot Water

20 gallons

6 gallons


6.0-11.0 cubic feet

6 cubic feet


2.1-5.3 cubic feet

2.1 cubic feet

Air Conditioner

30,000 Btu

12,000 Btu


27,300 Btu

13,650 Btu

Additional Features

Clothes Washer & Dryer



Central Vacuum




I can promise you one thing. I cannot afford one of these vehicles, but if anyone wants to give me one I will take it. The worst case scenario would be that you find yourself owning an EarthRoamer and nothing bad ever happens. In that case you end up with a sweet ride to travel with! Sounds like a win-win to me.

How will you get out of Dodge if the going gets rough?