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Book Review: Staying Home by Alex Smith

Alex Smith has a new book out titled, Staying Home: Protecting Your Home After Disaster Strikes. I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of Staying Home to read and I immediately knew it was a great companion guide to his previous release, Getting Home: Making It Back To Your Family After Disaster Strikes.

It is important to note that this book is written with the novice to moderate skill leveled prepper in mind. If your interpretation of your survival skills is the equivalent of a hybrid Jason Bourne, Chuck Norris, Jack Bauer, and Rambo…this book may not be for you. However, I feel confident that almost anyone could benefit from reading Staying Home.

There are some key points to be considered when making the decision to “bug in” during a disaster and Alex does a great job of covering these points. Staying Home reviews:

  • Selecting A Location – General Considerations
  • Selecting A Location – Property Characteristics
  • Sustainability
  • Hardening A Property
  • Hardening A Home
  • Home Preparations
  • Skills For Hard Times
  • Community
  • Surviving A Disaster

It is not just these key points that create value for the reader of Staying Home. Some important reminders that Alex includes; the fact that making your home a “hard” target will make it less likely to be bothered with in comparison to “softer” targets as well as the fact that the tools are not enough, you must be trained to properly use them, add even more value to this great read.

There is entirely too much information that is included in the book to outline here but it is abundantly clear to me that Alex Smith has hit another home run. Staying Home has something for everyone and at the Kindle price of $3.99 and print price of $12.99 it is worth every penny.

Buy it here before it is too late to benefit from the information!

Friday Survival Scoop

Another week has come to an end and that means another round of the latest and greatest survival and disaster preparedness offerings that are available on the web. This week we have insight into the seven packaged foods you won’t have to buy again, choosing where to bug-in, the regular guy strategy, and medical preparations for your family.

The Nickel Pincher: 7 Packaged Foods You Never Need to Buy Again by Jean Nick from Rodale

This is a great article about seven store packaged foods that most families or individuals buy at that store that can also be made easily and affordably at home. The seven foods include crackers, corn tortillas, chips, yogurt, mayo/salad dressings, energy bars, and soda. The article also points out that by making these foods on your own, you can lose weight, save money, reduce the amount of packaging used, and also consume fewer chemicals when eating the same foods.

Bugging-In; Choose Your Location Wisely by Butch C. from Prep-Blog

Butch from the Prep-Blog gives additional thought in this post to his plan to bug-in in the event of a disaster. There is emphasis given to specific areas to consider when planning to stay put versus deciding to leave in a disaster. The specific areas to evaluate include:

  • Natural disasters that could occur in the area.
  • Man-made disasters that are possible in the area.
  • The distance of your location from any major towns or cities.
These are all serious considerations to keep in mind. More in-depth information can be obtained from reading the article.

The Regular Guy Strategy: Escaping Prepper Prison from SurvivalSherpa

The SurvivalSherpa does a great job of outlining the fact that sometimes being a prepper can feel a lot like being in prison. Why you ask? Because if you don’t keep what you are doing quiet you could get labeled a weirdo by your friends or even worse, a “homegrown” terrorist by your government. The Sherpa talks about building community, developing regular guy skills, and to prioritize tasks like a regular guy which allows the reader to look at prepping tasks from a basic perspective.

Medical Prepping in Three Months: A Guide to Safeguarding Your Family — Part 1 of 2 by Dr. Cynthia J. Koelker from SurvivalBlog

While this is only part one of a two-part series, this article is packed with information on how to medically prepare your family, group, community medically over a three-month period. The concepts contained include everything from establishing a means of keeping medical records all the way to identifying different rashes. Medical needs are addressed not only from direct patient care but also from learning the skills needed to treat patients as well as building community, medical resources, and preventive medicine. Because this is part one of two it covers weeks one through six of the three-month plan but will still provide you plenty of “food” for thought to help get you medically prepared for the worst.

What survival or preparedness articles caught your eye around the web this week?