Purpose & Determination

2013 has arrived! Happy New Year everyone! It seems to reason that since the Mayan Apocalypse is behind us and the country has gone off the cliff that we can focus on what is ahead of us. I know that it is supposed to be the fiscal cliff, but it kinda seems like the country has just fallen off of the cliff all together. I also know that the fiscal cliff bill passed both the Senate and House but it has to be backdated so does that really count? If I did the same thing with my checkbook I would be arrested! With all that being said, what will be the focus for 2013?

I already outlined the set of skills that I would like to learn or significantly improve over the next 12 months so this post will not be about all that things that I am going to accomplish or the resolutions that I will make. I am not a resolution kind of guy. In fact, I associate the term resolution with a certain goal that is set in January that is likely to fail within 60 days or less. What I do want to place emphasis on is going about things with purpose and determination in 2013. That will be my focus.

Purpose: An action in course of execution.

Determination: a.The act of deciding definitely and firmly; also: the result of such an act of decision. b. Firm or fixed intention to achieve a desired end.

How do the pieces of the puzzle come together? The definitions above for purpose and determination both include key words, action and act. No more thinking about doing something and dragging my feet. 2013 will be a year of action with determination and purpose.

What will you focus on in 2013?

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